Lion general Phil (peach season limited color)

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Lion general Phil (peach season limited color)

商品説明 This time together especially for Valentine's Day launched, Autumn and winter season limited color goods, so sweet love pink atmosphere surrounded by our home life. The first to launch four limited goods, so that boys and girls can experience a comfortable pink home. Serious and mighty lion general transformed into a rebellious girl heart peach lion. Wake up people's hearts that pink dream rebellious love time. Creative concept: Phil is a overthrown general, the statue is to commemorate it was born. Phil's brutality and dictatorship caused dissatisfaction, the animals overturned Phil, won the democracy and peace, but 50 years later, Phil's grandson was open when Phil's behavior is to make lazy Animals, to regain the power of life, this time the animals were only thorough understanding, to commemorate Phil and help him to do the memorial statue. Hidden little secret: Why did the mouth of Phil mouth be swallowed, because he had swallowed everything This season is limited to color Product specifications: Item: home decorations Size: 240 (L) X 175 (W) X 95 (Hough) mm Material: Poly / stone powder Weight: 0.92 ~ 0.94 kg Origin: Taiwan Installation instructions: If you want to hang on the wall, it is recommended to use the weight can not be less than 1.5 kg, nail installation PS: the color of the product because of the picture or the screen resolution is somewhat different. Goods are our husband and wife together with the life of small fun, After the creation of sculpture and thought made by hand creation. Focus on the details of the requirements, but also to maintain the fun of the work. We use a lot of material to create sculpture of the original model, such as carved soil Or smooth stone powder clay and gypsum to sculpture For each piece of the details of the work and the story is our most important Brand name: together living home Together is a couple created by a couple of life brands, from the daily living environment with us Life items to start, the development of all kinds of interesting multi-material mix and match style products, decoration landscaping of our lives. The world is very big, we care about things are always very small, but also because of these delicate emotions, creating a distinctive style of people. The world is big, but there are tiny things we always care for. It is these delicate feelings that shape our tastes and make us different. brand introduction: Life in all kinds of household items and interesting decorations, are our goal of developing innovative. Hope that our products make life more full of fun, Become a good partner in the growth of life together, but also become part of the decorative beautification of life. Brand story We hope that the creation of goods can grow with people, together with joy, together with sadness, so named together together. In the brand name above there is a funny pastime, the English word together, We disassemble it to get her, to hint [get her] meaning, Hope everyone can have her favorite. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / handmade


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