Good luck Wang Wang [小福犬] iPhone/Samsung/ASUS/HTC/OPPO mobile phone case protective case

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* can show the color of the body itself * Compatible with most full protection stickers * Environmentally friendly TPU m


Good luck Wang Wang [小福犬] iPhone/Samsung/ASUS/HTC/OPPO mobile phone case protective case

Product Philosophy
Each Onor phone case is ready to order, and each person monitors every detail to ensure the quality of the product, while avoiding excessive waste and protecting the environment, so that we can make a small effort. And using the original Japanese printing machine with high-color environmentally friendly ink, we try our best to design and maintain the original color of the mobile phone, which is our style.

"Onor phone case comparison"

The mobile phone case is currently divided into two major categories, namely ice crystal shell and anti-fall soft shell (air pressure shell).
(1) iPhone X only supports edge 2.5D full version of non-curved glass protector. It is not recommended to use 3D surface full version to have a chance to squeeze to the side.
(2) The iPhone 8/8 Plus backplane is made of glass and has a light-grained series of ice crystal shells. It has the opportunity to produce some water ripples, but it does not affect the overall look and feel. Please pay more attention before buying.

Ice Crystal Shell & Anti-fall Soft Shell Model Table
This product page is made of different materials (ice crystal shell and anti-fall soft shell). The following two forms are currently sold by Onor. If you find your model, you can place an order. If you want to match the phone case, there is a right side of the form. Provide reference phone case size.
Ice crystal shell model
Anti-fall soft shell model

"Ice Crystal Shell Introduction"

"Protecting mobile phones is no longer heavy, extremely transparent and not easy to yellow"
1. The back shell is a hard shell, which is less prone to yellowing. The frame is a TPU soft shell with high support material, which is different from the generally commercially available material. The composite material is like a one-piece shape, which is exquisite and translucent. Onor named it the ice crystal mobile phone case.

2. The four sides of the mobile phone are shock-absorbing TPU hard soft frame material, plus the high-density combination of PC hard backboard, keeping the mobile phone simple style. The special TPU material absorbs impact energy, is light and crystal clear, and can safely provide comprehensive protection for mobile phones.

"Front side protection 100%"
The front of the ice crystal shell is 1mm higher than the screen, and the side button press is excellent.

Protect your most in the lens
The mobile phone case has a four-corner raised 1mm overhead phone that protects the lens and allows the phone to be placed on a rough or uneven surface.

"Introduction to anti-fall soft shell"

Onor's carefully selected anti-fall soft shell (generally referred to as air pressure shell), a simple structure can achieve a certain degree of anti-drop ability. The material is 100% TPU. After comparing and testing the 2X anti-fall soft shell, we select the manufacturer that is the most suitable, high quality material and stable quality.
Its characteristics
(1) The phone case itself is thick
(2) It is more resistant to yellowing (please note that the main yellowing of TPU is due to sunlight + grease, as long as it is TPU material can not avoid yellowing)
(3) The slot card must be opened, the button has a micro-convex feedback mechanism, and has a hanging hole.
(4) There is a bracket cushioning impact on the four corners and the surrounding.
(5) The opening is accurate and the front is higher than the screen.

Strict selection of high-quality anti-fall soft shell of TPU material, original appearance before use

" Environmentally friendly packaging"
Within the scope of its capabilities, Onor uses recycled paper as much as possible to reduce the use of plastic.

"How to choose ice crystal shell & anti-fall soft shell with Onor mobile phone case"

The Ob2 and Om mobile phone sets have the same standard. When ordering, you can view the size of the mobile phone case. Please see the appropriate size of the "Thin Shell" column, or note what (1) is the phone model, (2) What phone case is used, Onor can help you reconfirm the size of your purchase when processing the order~

"Good luck Wang Wang series introduction"
Onor launched a series of good luck Wangwang series red bags, mobile phone cases, ceramic water coasters, to accompany you through 2018.
This is a red bag designed in combination with Onor's brand concept, so that the red bag is not only a red bag, but also can be effectively reused and reused in addition to the red bag function. With the concept of planting money trees, we can put our minds in it and pass your heart through your hands.
It also symbolizes that the seeds of the fortune are buried, and the people who are expected to receive it will be prosperous this year, so that the money tree grows stronger and blossoms. We specially use imported red cardboard with better quality. The stamping process of the complicated process is embossed. We hope that you can accompany you for a whole year in durability, so that you can also use the red bag as a spring couplet, as a decoration, or even You can put in a fortune and put it on the financial position.

Good luck Wang Wang series drawings are used by foreign designers.

New Year's Limited - Xiaofu Dog Series [Left 1: Man Fu - Chai Chai, Left 2: Man Fu - Alpha, Right 1: San Xiaofu, Right 2: Xiao Fu Chai]

Do not move series [idiom text] This paragraph can be customized text

Do not move the series [no text]

Let's have dinner - idiom text series [Left: Black Chai - Blue, Medium: Chai Chai - Pink, Right: Chai Chai - Green] This paragraph can be customized text
Remarks: Due to the technical limitations on the full-page image file, the phone case will have a printing error of 1mm from top to bottom and left and right. This is not a problem. Please pay attention to whether you can accept the purchase before purchase. ^_^

Can be paired into a couple shell

#Applicable Model

iPhone 5/5s/SE
iPhone 6 / 6s
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus
iPhone 7 / 8
iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
iPhone X

Note 5
Note 8
J2 Prime
J7 (2017)
J7 Pro
J7 Prime
S7 / S7 edge
S8 / S8 Plus
S9 / S9 Plus
A5 (2017)
A7 (2017)
A8 (2018)
A8+ (2018)
C9 / C9 PRO

Xperia X
XZ Premium
Z5 Premium
XA Ultra
XA1 Plus
XA1 Ultra
XA2 Ultra

U11 Plus
U11 Eyes
U Ultra
U Play
Desire 10 Evo
One X10
Desire 10 Pro
Desire 830

R9 Plus
R9S Plus
R11S Plus

ZenFone3 5.5 (ZE552KL)
ZenFone3 5.2 (ZE520KL)
ZenFone4 (ZE554KL)
ZenFone4 Max (ZC554KL)

ZenFone4 Selfie Pro (ZD552KL)
ZenFone Live (ZB501KL)
ZenFone3 Deluxe 5.5 (ZS550KL)
ZenFone3 Deluxe 5.7 (ZS570KL)
ZenFone5 (ZE620KL)
ZenFone5Q (ZC600KL)
ZenFone5Z (ZS620KL)

Xiaomi Note 2
Red Rice Note 4X
Millet 6
Millet Mix 2

Mate 9
Mate 9 Pro
Mate 10
Mate 10 Pro
P20 Pro

V30 / V30+


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