Exclusive-Emerald A Goods Natural Burma Jade [Purple Pottery]-Natural Emerald Amethyst Pendant-Valentine's Gift

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Emerald (Burma Jade) Size: length 32mm \ width 22mm \ thickness 13mm



Exclusive-Emerald A Goods Natural Burma Jade [Purple Pottery]-Natural Emerald Amethyst Pendant-Valentine's Gift


Emerald A Goods Burma Jade (Burma Jade) x Bao Xian Size: length 32mm \ width 22mm \ thickness 13mm "Very charming purple, purple emerald will be slightly different in the color display of sunlight and indoor fluorescent lights. The photos are taken in daylight, there will be a little color difference, but it will not affect its beauty ~ " Anyone who takes pictures will know that it is really difficult to take pictures of jadeite Much harder to shoot than crystal! Water and color are really difficult to show ... It will be distorted by accident! If you have friends who want to see detailed photos ~ welcome to drop messages! All of our stores are shot under natural light, so do n’t worry ^^ ◆ ■ 【Material Introduction】 ■ ◆ Jade [Jade] Alias: Emerald Various carving workers represent various auspicious meanings. It has the functions of avoiding evils and improving physical health and luck. ◆ ■ 【Reminders & Instructions】 ■ ◆ -If you are sensitive to metal, please avoid ordering. -Merchandise photos may have slight color differences due to different weather conditions and screen colors. -Handmade beads will have a size of some size. If you cannot accept it, please do not subscript. -Natural ore will have uniqueness, ice floe, texture, and mine shortage. We will work hard to select it when making it, but not every bead is 100% perfect. These are the bounty of nature. If you ca n’t accept it, please do n’t bid. . ◆ ■ 【Hand circumference】 ■ ◆ -Please let us know how many centimeters of Heshouwei after ordering, it can speed up the time of receiving the works. -If you are unclear, please write to us to discuss with our team. Hand measurement: -Take a tape measure or a line or piece of paper around your wrist, mark it, spread it out and use a ruler to measure it. -Please give us the right size of the wrist (cm). We need the "solid circumference" of your hand, so do not use too loose or too tight. -Finally, please let me know if you want to wear a closed hand (the bracelet can slide slightly) or loose (you can slide up and down freely). -Due to different hand circumferences, the arrangement will be slightly adjusted according to the length, and the material will be slightly increased or decreased. ◆ ■ 【Jewelry Maintenance】 ■ ◆ -If the silver strap is oxidized due to contact with sweat, skin care products, etc., you can use a silver cloth to wipe it to restore the gloss. -Avoid getting your jewelry wet with water, acidic or alkaline body lotions, perfumes, etc. -It is recommended to remove it before playing with water or taking a bath. Prolonged contact may cause oxidation and discoloration. -When wearing Japanese-made elastic thread, try not to pull it hard to avoid elastic fatigue and breakage. ◆ ■ 【After-sales service】 ■ ◆ -For custom products, except for defective products, there is no return or exchange service. -If you need to modify the size after receiving the product, you need to pay the postage and extra production costs. ◆ ■ [I hope everyone can find their own unique natural stone jewelry] ■ ◆


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