Mini version of a deer fortune milk tea deer key ring charm Christmas exchange gift

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A hand-made crocheted cute little elk, a deer ingot (all the way to make a fortune) to help the Santa Claus to deliver gifts without getting lost! Let every good child receive gifts and blessings~


Mini version of a deer fortune milk tea deer key ring charm Christmas exchange gift


[Product Description] Cute little elk crocheted by hand Help Santa Claus to deliver gifts without getting lost Let every good child receive gifts and blessings **A deer ingot**, symbolizes**all the way to get rich**, everyone no matter where you go, you will get rich! **Use finer**,**and lustrous wire crochet**,**although smaller size**,**but the finished product is more delicate and detailed**,**crocheting process is relatively more eye-catching With the finger**! **Mini version of the baby is too delicate and cute**,**Designers are fascinated by themselves**~**scream**! ! **General ordered for about 3-5 days a**,**the closer the holiday more than a single row**,**Custom time will lengthen**,**care delivery please friends asking about exact Customized schedule**,**can accept orders again**! ※**Pre-purchase Christmas Gifts**,**Pre-ordered custom orders from now on are free and randomly designed gift box packaging** ※**Key ring**/**Free chain**/**Mobile phone**,**Three**,**Please note in order**,**No note is random**! 【 Size】 Flat diameter: the bow is about 7cm high at the top of the hat, and the head does not contain antlers with a height of about 3.5 (within 1cm error) [Material & Washing] Imported wire, cotton, plastic eyes, bells, etc. #Please use a neutral detergent to clean the area by cleaning it. # Seriously dirty and then soaked in cold washing or neutral detergent aqueous solution, cleaned by extrusion. #再浸浸清清水Clean the bubbles by squeezing them. #勿搓揉, put the water in the towel and press it out to dry it. [Flower rabbit hand made the original intention and small 叮咛] 1.**flower rabbit hand made**is in honor of the designer's rabbit angel and create a pure hand-made brand,**love delivery**are hand-made rabbit flower began selling hand works in mind. 2.**current sales income is used in the rabbits to feed and rescue the waves of the**.**wish to make the world a better place with the power of small bean sprouts** 3.**Hand-knitted and stitched**, there may be some imperfections,**best area to be taken when the fabric is cut**,**drawing will be different**. 4.**Everyone's screen settings are different**, so the actual product and the screen display,**may have a slight color difference**. 5. handmade,**for color and workmanship requirements perfectionist**,**please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package, it will not be stressed for a long time due to the weekly break**,**not send the parcel package on Friday**. 7.**Saturday Day for Family Day and Material Purchase Processing**,**Do not ship**(except for special orders),**Free to return message**. 8.**Not full-time non-exempt orders**, if there is a specified time limit arrival date, please confirm the order before the order, do not place the order directly, can not be assigned a reasonable meeting. 9.**Non-24 hours online**, please contact us if you have any questions, wait patiently, and you will reply and process it in the first time!


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