Cotton bouquets / bouquets / simple / dried flowers

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Cotton bouquets / bouquets / simple / dried flowers


▲ additional, custom can be discussed with the designer Oh!
Flowers will be the main season, the basic color, style remains unchanged, not necessarily with the material, will slightly change! You can accept the order, thanks ^ ^

▲ cotton bouquet

Cotton tattoo: "cherish the eyes"
Inspired by the Korean ghosts
Every time we separate let us feel deeper feelings
For the love, cherish the people
A grateful one.

▲ size
Round diameter 20cm high 27CM

▲ material
Use Iraq to import cotton
Using the material are selected mosaic, dry material quality is good
Please protect the preservation of the appropriate, more continuous release time.

▲ packaging
Will be sent to the collision packaging, the need for gifts or packaging, please inform the designer in advance!

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ precautions
The Flower ceremony with the whole station can be sent to send some small flowers fall, are normal, do not worry too much
The Reference to the price of flowers for the fixed flowers and specifications shipping, if the change in color, the size of the price of another
The Flowers due to seasonal weather will be temporary out of stock conditions, please agree to appropriate adjustments
The Studio design for the floral design, product preservation integrity is limited, the sale of flowers can not be returned, before ordering can be discussed in detail.
The Flowers are all handmade, so do not do the same goods, perfectionist carefully selected
Merchandise photo to natural light, automatic adjustment for the photo color and truthful. Eternal flowers or dried flowers themselves in color according to the season, the dye will affect his color. Every flower is unique, not the same, so the color is particularly particular about, please ask us. thank you very much!!!

▲ save the way

Not withered / eternal flower
Viewing period: 3 - 5 years (or more)
◇ do not need watering
Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Try to be placed in a ventilated, dry environment
◇ If the wet petals show a little transparent shape is a normal phenomenon, please open the dehumidifier to petals dehumidification.
◇ If dust is used, touch with a soft brush

Dried flowers
* Dry flowers can basically put 1-3 years, the flowers for the natural dry, with time for a long time inevitably fade, fall phenomenon, all normal
* Avoid wet and direct sunlight. Try to be placed in a ventilated, dry environment
* If there is dust, please use a soft brush to sweep
* Dry flowers do not need watering


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