Straight line concerto leather + canvas side of the side of the package to mention the blue and coffee L only one

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Straight line concerto leather + canvas side of the side of the package to mention the blue and coffee L only one


Linear thinking
Straight road
Rich color arrangement
The most beautiful person in the office

Use I have always appreciated the water wax cowhide,
Warm texture with soft color canvas,

And I love the Japanese Inazuma mention,
Made a good practical can put A4 bag!

To mention the part of the Japanese system of synthetic leather handle,
Although it is synthetic leather,
But also durable than the Taiwan system,
Probably using a non-peeling technology,

Like last year's "hibiscus girl" is also the brand of mention,
According to the results I asked the guests,
Mention so far is still very good,
In fact, I have some side of the purchase has been a year or two are still the same with the new,
Unlike the other system or land system synthesis will be aging phenomenon.

INAZUMA this brand launched a lot of hand-made peripheral products,
Other sections of the mention of more or less also have traders in the purchase,
But only I pick the "hibiscus girl" square mention,
As well as before the "eggplant", "orange" to use the circle to mention,
Did not see the traders website in Taiwan,
Probably because of the high price relationship,
Because the price of the yen plus the freight can already buy the system of leather put.

The use of the proposed color is the new purchase,
Is the first appearance Oh!

Wearing a bag with the same color of the clothes or contrast are good ride,
Elegant stripes look very intellectual beauty ~
(As M number)

Cowhide above is a light blue car line,
But also the Japanese COSMO line Oh,
In order to make it clearly shot to shoot many times XD

The fabric is a bit slippery,
Not completely waterproof,
But more than the general anti-water and then a little more waterproof feeling.

The United States seems quite a lot of this material,
A while before the purchase of a group of nine is such a feel.
This kind of material in the performance of the color is also slightly different with the general fabric.

L number of this I specially selected a traces of the site,
With the above stripes do echo.

You can install a lot of things,
The size of the "clothing production foundation" is 26x19cm
You can put A4,

Zipper cloth with a touch of grass green,
In the blue and coffee in the tone into a little bit different,
The whole is not monotonous also not greasy.

To refer to the M number of clothing ~

American canvas
Taiwan canvas
Taiwan Hardware
Made in Japan

Width 37cm
High 36cm
Bottom side width 7cm

There is a zipper inner pocket + two pockets

Origin / manufacturing method
Na do I do


アメリカUS$ 23.80US$ 3.40
カナダUS$ 23.80US$ 3.40
イギリスUS$ 23.80US$ 3.40
オーストラリアUS$ 23.80US$ 3.40
マカオUS$ 8.50US$ 3.40
シンガポールUS$ 12.24US$ 3.40
フランスUS$ 23.80US$ 3.40
マレーシアUS$ 15.30US$ 3.40
中国US$ 11.22US$ 3.40
日本US$ 17.00US$ 3.40
タイUS$ 13.60US$ 3.40
韓国US$ 13.60US$ 3.40
ドイツUS$ 27.20US$ 3.40
香港US$ 10.20US$ 3.40
その他の国・地域US$ 2.04US$ 0.00
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