Palomar│ fight world map MINI EDITION <Black>

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Palomar│ fight world map MINI EDITION &lt;Black&gt;


**Palomar│PINWORLD XL fight world map MINI EDITION**

To dream of a better life marked map log

__There is a temperature map__

Gentle touch picture transfer

Use a felt material made of material with a "warm" feel to it conveys a feeling of intimacy. This tactile qualities and converted into a sense of design drawings.

__Travel Memorial brilliant series__

Exclusive PIN needle record memories

Included Flag PIN needle will provide users with a variety of staple items on the map, both the journey readily notes, photos or souvenirs, you can create exclusive personal travel log and map links.

__Vision blueprint to build a dream show__

Embellished with a rich experience of living space

Can be used as wall hangings or rugs on display, all the attractions visited or would like to cook mark, hang at home or office to become the most personally meaningful decorations.


Q: How to fight a world map fastened to the wall?

A: If you do not want to damage the wall with a nail, you can use the blue-green viscose common foreign soil, among the people living in major department stores can be purchased

Adhesive steps:
① first clean grease and dirt on the wall
② the map upside down along the map around 10 to 15 cm place a pre-kneading lumps of glue soil (about 1 cm in size) every
③ will have a good sticky glue soil map placed in the proper position, push a little glue earth map behind five seconds to allow the clay walls and extend the middle of the map, play the function of adhesive
Even torn future, it is not leaving a trace Oh!

Cheat [small]
1. 3M glue strong double-sided multi-purpose use is also very good Oh, if the walls are freshly painted within three months is not recommended -
2. The map material soft wool felt, wanted to map strong suit on the wall, behind the map can be sticky jam (or cardboard) or Art Society has a general bookstore, and then hung on a wall hanging way surface, or placed against the wall, the wall will not worry about breakage of Hello!

Mini version of the small size, 76.5x46.5 cm, suitable for a personal office space or a room, start with the front foot to pick up the amount of the amount on the wall next to it where, when or get our hands found substandard size will be very distraught Oh ~


Product Name: Palomar fight World (MINI)
Main purpose: World Edition felt charts, included the exclusive fight needle, the journey can be a photo, illustration or postcard collecting memories nail on the map hanging on the wall as a decoration placed
Material: Felt class
Size: 76.5x46.5cm
Contents: a map, Exclusive fight needle 15
Origin: Italy
Note: due to environmental and lighting effects, and computer color with the actual product will be a slight error when commodity shooting, the actual color to the real product shall prevail
Origin / manufacturing methods


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