Poland Emalia Olkusz enamel hand pot (apricot) (FDN000508)

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**A hundred years does not fall Poland Emalia Olkusz** Tempered enamel crystallization time Eternal enamel process in Ea


Poland Emalia Olkusz enamel hand pot (apricot) (FDN000508)


https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/083/16/N000831663_t_01.jpg Copyright © 2017 Nguyen Music Industry Co., Ltd. All rights reserved **A hundred years does not fall Poland Emalia Olkusz** Tempered enamel crystallization time Eternal enamel process in Eastern Europe Since 1907, the production process of enamel kitchenware has started in the small town of Olkusz in the south of Poland. More than a hundred years of accumulated experience, proud of the quality of the tradition from generation to generation adhere to, and strive to extensive design and use. Olkusz, whose design and manufacture of enamelware craftsmanship was deeply rooted in the famous Krakow Schindler's enamel factory in the southeastern part of the country, was intertwined with the craft heritage during the war because of the geographical center that dominated the Second World War. Even after the test, continues uninterrupted until now. To love the culinary cuisine as a starting point, more parties to combine practicality and stylized design elements, the user experience as the most important meal kitchen props production purposes, hoping to meet more users, continuing to pass the most classic the taste of. https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/085/30/N000853015_t_30.jpg Copyright © 2017 Nguyen Music Industry Co., Ltd. All rights reserved **Enamel beauty** Beautiful appearance, soft with just, can be directly served as a vessel directly to the table, even mottled, but also do not have some flavor. Good thermal conductivity, suitable for slow fire stew; acid, can dress wine vinegar and other ingredients. Not easily contaminated with different color, smell, easy to clean. **【Product Specifications】** Pot diameter: 16 cm Pot height: 8 cm Total capacity: 1.5 L Material: enamel, steel Origin: Poland **Enamel handmade products remind** Enamel products are pure hand-glazed by the master, so in the process, the product edge (such as: spout, cup mouth), hanging point in the firing process (handle the inner edge), there may be glaze more Thin, color off or a small range of scratches and surface is not smooth phenomenon. If the product surface glaze uneven color, caused by the smooth bumps, or in the products have some noise, uneven edge lines; are normal, not a flaw. Before buying, please understand the enamel in hand-made process, the special situation is inevitable, but also understand that the hand-made products can not be the same as industrial products neat, standardized, please experience the unique beauty of each enamel products . https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/085/30/N000853014_t_03.jpg **【Precautions】** (1) Avoid heavy pressure or impact Enamel surface of glass, heavy pressure or impact will cause the surface glaze off, easy to cut hands and lead to rust. (2) keep it dry To prevent rusting, do not immerse in the liquid for a long time; wipe the water with a dry cloth after each wash. Always keep dry, extend the life of enamel. (3) be careful of hot hands When filled with hot water or heated, the temperature of the handle and the edge of the body will follow the rise, be sure to take it to avoid scalding. (4) to avoid empty burning Avoid long-time or high-temperature dry cooking (fried, fried, fried); due to rapid heating will make the enamel glass surface cracked, leave the fire source, please slowly cool in the natural way, not at high temperatures Rush cold water. (5) Rinse gently Do not use metal cloth or abrasive particles to clean enamel products to prevent scratch the surface glaze. Enamel pot after use if there is burnt phenomenon, do not use the tool to force the curettage. Also avoid using strong water column flushing. (6) does not apply to microwave ovens Induction cooker and gas stove on the direct use of fire, but because the inner layer of metal, should not be used in microwave ovens. https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/083/16/N000831663_t_06.jpg **Emalia Olkusz vs. Traditional Polish Style (TPS)** The original Emalia Olkusz brand, operated by the Traditional Polish Style (TPS) team since 2016. In view of Eastern Europe, the enamel as long enough to cross the century heritage of the long-established culture of the cookware, Traditional Polish Style (TPS) naturally enveloping the local have a professional enamel production staff, in addition to the continuation of the century-old brand Emalia Olkusz classic design and reputation, Will adhere to the determination based in Eastern Europe and departure to the world, continuing to carry forward the tradition of the traditional Polish enamel casting, in order to bear the long-established brand reputation of Emalia Olkusz. https://www.books.com.tw/img/N00/050/78/N000507887_t_35.jpg **^ o ^ about Nuo fruit. Frutti di Nuli** "Nuguo" wants to be a temperature living partner around you and satisfy all your imagination for a comfortable and pleasant daily life. "Nuguo" has been working hard on ... On this planet, you are collecting information and articles that refer you to unique ingenuity. Whether it is style home. Entertainment groceries. Food diet. Small paperwork. By sharing the value of these lives, I hope to add more to the world through your beautiful heart if designed. ※ This product does not have maintenance team service in Taiwan. ※ Due to a slight color difference, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual receipt of the product. ※ The shipping method you choose may result in delivery restrictions due to your location and the quantity purchased. If this happens, we will take the initiative to contact you, coordination and change can be delivered smoothly delivery mode, please forgive me. Origin / manufacturing methods Poland


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