Exclusive-Wanderer Bracelet ─ 【Kyoto ‧ Great 泷 魔】 The Demon King Gouyu Soul

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Rope Bracelet ─ 【Kyoto Amazing ‧ 泷】 Ghost Jade Soul


Exclusive-Wanderer Bracelet ─ 【Kyoto ‧ Great 泷 魔】 The Demon King Gouyu Soul


Rope Bracelet ─ 【Kyoto Amazing ‧ 泷】 Ghost Jade Soul Wanderer Bracelet Takisu [泷] ‧Peacock Blue, Aqua Blue, Silver and Special Color Mix Selected by Captain Various inspirational colors will be selected and mixed by the designer, and the rich colors of each piece will be different, so that users can feel the beauty of the spirit of Kyoto Kurama Demon after equipment. Kurama Makoto Kurama is known as the premier energy venue in Kyoto. Anma Temple is the land where the devil, the protector of the law, came 6.5 million years ago. There are many unique and wonderful local legends. The demon guardian is the energy of the earth spirit and the universe. The natural energy emitted by the demon king can surround the whole body, drive away bad luck and purify the body and mind. Because the demon guardian is considered to absorb endless negative energy in the Kyoto tradition, it is most appropriate to worship when bad things continue to happen. Limited Hook Jade Soul — Manipura & Root Chakra Sun Wheel and Bottom Wheel‧ Devil Blue Tiger The blue tiger of the devil is the blue tiger's eye stone of the escape class, and the soul of 泷 (Kanmayama Demon の 滝) The devil blue tiger corresponds to two human chakra positions at the same time-the blue light corresponds to the sun wheel, and the deep black corresponds to the bottom wheel. Blue Tiger has a unique ability to "accelerate / accelerate", including experience, desires to achieve in the heart, etc. In addition, the Blue Tiger can inspire the hidden courage, bring confidence, firm conviction, and make people solid and brave. In life, the Blue Tiger allows us to be flexible and keep up with the flow of the world, and it also brings a positive outlook on life and the spirit of the times. * The above are the traditional meanings and symbols of each crystal and agate jade, as well as the study of the ancient Indian color chakra theory. The equipment department provides and recommends the small team members to use as a basic reference. Our design works focus more on the traveller's personal experience, spirituality and inner intuitive needs and the purest love for color. The craftsmanship respectfully reflects the traditional folk customs image . Kyoto Superb Collection Only when you set foot in a place can you collect the pure colors there, and understand the stories in the colors. This is the color we collected when we left Kyoto. Put it in gear and make it for adventurers who also love the land. "Life is a wandering journey. There is no reason and no end." There is a wandering heart in the world-the pursuit of complete freedom to live and feel the world in its own way. Wandering is a life and a state of mind. Because of all kinds of experiences, the soul that makes each stray is unique and beautiful. The creation task of our new series is to show the spirit and beauty of wandering. The first item introduced in the series is a tramp hand rope made by mixing dozens of cotton-colored threads and using traditional braiding techniques. There are many colors, so although each hand rope uses the same color, the proportion and distribution of colors will be different after mixing the braided rope. Different from previous designs, the wanderer's hand rope expresses an attitude of free wandering, which is especially suitable for ethnic, hippie and bohemian styles. Of course, it can also be matched daily. Please consider it yourself before buying. The standard length of the strap is 17.5cm, which fits most wrist sizes (15-16cm) Wrist size can also be provided for customization. When placing an order, provide accurate wrist size in the remarks column for designers to make. Custom notes ‧All equipment works are produced and sent by Hong Kong ‧ Production takes time, please be patient ‧Hong Kong to Hong Kong usually takes 2 days ‧Hong Kong to Taiwan, Japan and other Asian regions usually takes 7-10 days ‧Please send to Hong Kong for designers. ‧During the international free shipping event, all works will be delivered by Hongkong Post ‧Custom works over HK $ 300 / NT $ 1000 will be sent by registered mail and notified by international registered number ‧If the team members need SF to pay, please contact the designer first About Captain Ryan With courage and determination to set off in 2010, CAPTAIN RYAN put the energy of adventure collected from daily and journey into equipment works, and determined to become a Hong Kong creative brand that can stand the test of the times. Choose Captain Ryan Design ‧ Made in Hong Kong, quality assurance ‧ Designed by the designer ‧ Unique design style, only this one ‧ Behind every piece of work are emotions, stories and experiences ‧ Careful design and careful production ‧ Delivery on time and fast ‧ Adventurous praise


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