Avocado Soy Milk Shampoo Soap Handmade Soap Good Wash Soap Dandruff Itchy Scalp

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Use skin-friendly and gentle avocado oil suitable for sensitive scalp. Pair it with soy milk to cleanse and feel smooth and smooth. Let the bath soothe your body and soul. Your scalp can breathe and refresh all day long!


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Avocado Soy Milk Shampoo Soap Handmade Soap Good Wash Soap Dandruff Itchy Scalp


Soybeans are rich in protein, lecithin, saponin and a variety of vitamins and minerals Soy milk soap made from sugar-free soy milk instead of pure water and mixed with avocado oil It improves the feeling of washing, moisturizing, and delicate feeling. Especially after washing, it is gentle and moisturizing without heavy stickiness. This soap is used in shampoo, it won't feel astringent without conditioning, you must try it! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★Shampoo soap and shampoo are not the same ★Some shampoo soaps will make your hair sticky after washing, because the calcium and magnesium ions in the water interact with the soap to form soap scale ★These unwashed soap scum will make our hair feel sticky ★There is a lot of soap scum formation in hard water areas, and it is not easy for people with long hair to wash away soap scum ★So everyone will have different feelings in different environments and different hair volume. ★We have tried our best to improve this part, but there are still very few users who are still not used to it ★It is recommended to use shampoo soap for the first time. It is recommended to buy a small trial soap first. After washing, make sure to get started before buying general shampoo soap. Our shampoo soap can be used for shampooing and bathing. Come to shower and wash your face! ♥♥♥✨Intimate reminder✨♥♥♥ This shampoo soap is not suitable for dyed hair and severely damaged hair! Use it for shampooing! It is prone to stickiness) ♥♥♥ Please pick this for damaged hair and dyed hair https://www.pinkoi.com/product/8Skpeaxj ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hair Soap Expert [Scalp Care Series] Avocado Soy Milk Shampoo Soap • It is very suitable for people who are troubled by oily scalp and itching. Handmade soap is the first choice for scalp care. •The handmade soap has no added preservatives, foaming agents, silicones, hardeners, fragrances and other chemical materials. •Using pure vegetable oil to make soap, the natural glycerin produced in the process is an important raw material in skin care products and the key to moisturizing and supple skin after washing! Precautions [Suggested use]: Wash your face, bath, wash your hands, wash your hair [Other]: The foam is fine and soft, but the foaming degree is weak. If you want to bathe, you can use it with a bath ball. [Storage period]: within 1 year from the maturity date [Storage environment]: dry, ventilated, no sun exposure place [Usage method]: Use water to make foam for cleaning, but after using the soap body, keep the soap surface dry to extend the use time Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan -------------------------------------------------- - This water softener is also sold on the Internet. It is made in Taiwan and is a qualified product. You can check it online. Suitable for you who have never been able to use shampoo soap!! Our shampoo soap has worked hard on the formula to improve the stickiness and astringency It’s perfect if you use a water softener to shampoo Make shampoo and bath a 5-star enjoyment This water softener is easy to install and no tools are needed. Any shower head can be installed If you have any questions, you can send me a private message Our soap can shampoo, bathe and cleanse at the same time!!! -------------------------------------------------- ------ Friends who wash hair with soap for the first time When shampooing, the hair becomes dry and becomes knotted easily Even after flushing, it feels sticky, like if you haven’t washed your hair for several days Why do some people find it easy to use the same shampoo soap? Some people find it sticky after washing it? In fact, there are skills to use handmade soap to wash your hair Let's first understand the difference between shampoo and soap! Shampoo is weakly acidic, and it feels smooth to the touch after washing, but acidic shampoo cannot remove acidic oils. And the ingredients of synthetic agents cover the oily hair, you will feel that your hair is not oily after washing. Soap is weakly alkaline. After washing, the hair scales will open. When flushing, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water will combine with the fatty acids on the hair to form soap stains. Soap stains are insoluble in water. If it is not washed very clean, it will feel sticky after being attached to the hair. Although shampooing with soap is more troublesome, the advantages of shampooing with soap are: scalp is not oily, scalp is refreshing Although the shampoo can be fragrant and smooth after washing every day, the oil will become very fast the next day, and the soap can wash away the oily dirt of your hair, and the keratin metabolism of the scalp will be normal after washing. I found that my hair won’t get oily anymore As long as the washing method is correct, it will actually be quite easy to use I sincerely hope that friends who want to improve the oily scalp can give it a try! If you have any questions about use, you can directly ask us!