| Glass Bead Series | Embellished x Blue Stone White Opal White Chalcedony Black Gall Stone (Tibetan Silver x Bracelet x Bracelet x Handcrafted x Customized.)

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| Glass Bead Series | Embellished x Blue Stone White Opal White Chalcedony Black Gall Stone (Tibetan Silver x Bracelet x



| Glass Bead Series | Embellished x Blue Stone White Opal White Chalcedony Black Gall Stone (Tibetan Silver x Bracelet x Bracelet x Handcrafted x Customized.)


▶• Product Details • ◀ The entire museum products are physical shooting ✦☞ Ore: Blue Point Stone (8MM) + White Opal (8MM) + White Chalcedony (8MM) + Black Gallstone (8MM) ✦☞ Accessories: Tibetan Silver Accessories + Alloy Plating Metal Accessories ✦☞ Material: elastic rope ▶• Design Concepts • ◀ The RIJU brand of glass beads was created by two passionate people who grew up with small rivals, enabling them to realize their unattainable dreams as a child. The brand idea that we want to deliver is to be able to transform like glass beads under high temperature and become beads with different symbolic and significant meanings. This gives us the belief of breaking through the adversity, meeting the light and never giving up, so we chose “Glass Beads” is the name of our brand, and for everyone to wear it, there is the courage to give up in the face of anything and will face any difficulties with a strong and unyielding. The design concept of Glass Pearl RIJU is based on natural stone, using natural stones of different colors, various shapes of brass, sterling silver, Tibetan silver, natural cut surface minerals, etc... to create a unique natural stone jewelry for two people. . Because everyone has a different story, as each ore has a different color, Even an ore that is inconspicuous will never give up like a small dream. We create jewelry for each person and each ore that belongs only to their own personal characteristics. When you/he came here, I hope you/he can start again with full of courage. ▶• Product Packaging • ◀ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4039/35664861085_907879b109_b.jpg The purchase of goods is accompanied by exquisite kraft carton packs. It is also very suitable for gifts, in addition to its own use. (Each commodity will have a separate package ~) ▶• Product Dimensions • ◀ Hand circumference measurement method ▶ You can use the "all kinds of wire/measurable/paper" to get around the finest part of your wrist. You don't need to set aside space or pull too tightly to obey your wrist. It's your hand size (if If you use wire or paper, you need to measure the length, place it flat on a flat surface, and then use a ruler to measure the size of your hand, and tell the designer the size of your hand to create the best length for you. When it is made, it will increase the width by about 1-1.5cm, making it the best size for you personally. It will be more comfortable when worn, and it will keep your bracelet with you. ▶• Product Maintenance • ◀ Natural stone must be purified frequently to maintain natural stone energy. Jewelry is depleting and cannot be restored. The coating will have varying degrees of wear and oxidation depending on personal habits. The color retention period varies from person to person and may vary from several days to several years. Jewelry Avoid contact with chemicals (make-up, perfumes), acids and bases, and moist environments to prevent corrosion. ✦☞ Jewelry Avoid seawater, hot springs, swimming, bathing or sweating as much as possible to avoid wearing. Jewelry should not be pulled vigorously or in the opposite direction. Try to remove it while sleeping to avoid crush damage. When the jewelry is not worn, it can be wiped clean with silver polishing cloth and put into the chain bag to be sealed and stored. ▶• Product Precautions • ◀ Natural stone is different in the way of mining mineral veins and cutting and making materials. The color of each natural stone product is different in shade, texture, crystal, shape and size. There may also be cracks, impurities, and defects like mineral defects. , so can't meet 100% product image, please forgive me. ✦☞ The merchandise will be adjusted according to the size of the hand circumference, and the combination and ratio of the merchandise will also be adjusted, not exactly the same as the merchandise. When you encounter some materials out of stock, you will not be notified otherwise. ✦☞ Since the products are all hand-made, the size of the material is not the same, and the measurement method is different for each person. There are dimensional errors (between 0.3 and 0.5cm). Therefore, the dimensions provided when ordering are only for reference. ✦☞ If the product note has a color difference due to factors such as the shooting light and the brightness of the personal computer screen, there may be slight differences in the colors of different batches of products. ✦☞ Each material is carefully selected and unique. The finished product received will not be exactly the same as the product. Please forgive me. ▶•Product Services•◀ ✦☞ 『Customized Products』: No seven-day appreciation period, in addition to 瑕疵, no return/exchange service. Received goods, if you need to change the size of the goods, you need to bear the return shipping costs and modify the cost NT30-80 yuan. ✦☞ "Send time for goods": The number of working days will be counted based on the completion of payment of goods (calculated on the first working day after payment is completed). The goods are hand-made, the spot is sent within about 3 days, in case of shortage of goods must wait 7-14 days (excluding delivery time). ▶ Delivery time in Taiwan: By mailing for registration for about 1-2 days, the supermarket will pick up the goods for about 2-3 days, and some of the more distant areas may be delivered for 3-5 days. (Excluding Saturday and National Holidays) ▶ Non-Taiwan transit time Depending on the destination, the number of working days varies, and approximately 12-15 business days after delivery (excluding Saturday and National Holidays). ✦☞ "Product problem": After receiving the product, you can contact the designer if you have any questions. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan • Handmade


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