YCCT coin purse-Meow Star-Buying Drink Helper

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▍Buy a little helper for drinks▍Easy storage & temperature design▍Double-layer cloth surface & hanging ring design▍Various colors and patterns



YCCT coin purse-Meow Star-Buying Drink Helper


▍Buy a little helper for drinks When you buy a drink, you need to change or receive a lot of change, At this time you need a coin purse that can be stored at any time! With the color of nature-inspired fabrics as the base, plus interesting images of changes in temperature, Let the coin purse have new changes every day. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5f10110ab9996f00423d1369/original.jpg?1594888457 ▍Easy storage & temperature design Whether it is change or banknotes, it can be easily stored, Lightweight and easy to carry, accompany you to the mountains and the sea! Special temperature pattern design, When the temperature is around 30°C, the pattern of the bag surface will change, Adding surprises when carrying, also makes each drinking moment unique. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5f1011170f0ecf003f6f864a/original.gif?1594888460 ▍Double-layer cloth surface & lifting ring design The lining design is thicker and stronger, and the lining is cleaner! The design of the ring can put the ring/key... etc., easy to carry! https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5f10110b4eb53a0027298770/original.jpg?1594888458 ▍Choose temperature surprises according to personal preferences From land to sea, from everyday to distant, Different patterns are designed, and different surprises will appear after the temperature is sensed! It may be an unexpected fun, or it may be a reminder of environmental protection. Turtles: Backpackers in the azure waters, wandering around on a clean earth. Polar bear: Global warming is turbulent. Polar bears have to learn fishing to make a living. Penguin: Full of expectations for the next generation, hoping to inherit love and care for the environment. Whales: Affected by marine debris pollution, whales frequently have warning lights on. Reindeer: It is a trace of running in the forest, and it is also a crystal clear elf in the snow world. Moai small fresh meat: the rare and proud muscle lines hidden under the boulder. Moai little witch: wearing a bikini to sunbathe on the beach, beautiful figure tanned. Wang Xingren: Everyone sees the love of Langlang and is willing to change a warm home with full of love. Meow star: Daydreaming every day, only hairballs, jars and sleeping. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5f0d2256e5ca07003c41efde/original.jpg?1594696277 ▍What kind of natural color are you? Living habits without plastic and environmental protection is a commitment to nature. Therefore, the color selection of fabrics is inspired by nature, and I look forward to sealing the beauty with colors. Carry the most memorable corner of your memory with you, and breathe in the moments of busy life. Choose to see what kind of natural color you are? Sunshine Department: Warm Sun Yellow/ Zhaoxia Orange/ Xihui Red Department of flowers and plants: Tranquil Pink/Pure Violet/Primary Green Marine Department: Wave Blue / Deep Ocean Blue / Dark Grey Forest Department: Earth Rice / Mogi Brown / Frost Maple Red https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5f0d211cf8a1740045d10a95/original.jpg?1594695962 ▍Product specifications Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.5 cm Material: cotton canvas Temperature sensitive temperature: the pattern will change around 30℃ Place of Origin: Taiwan's design, manufacture and production ▍Notes 1. Hand wash, just dry in the shade after washing 2. Due to the hand-sewn relationship, each product will be slightly different, please do not buy it if you are perfect ^^