[X classic flavor tea tea fragrance loofah] combo gift bottle bubble cold

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[X classic flavor tea tea fragrance loofah] combo gift bottle bubble cold


▌**About Kuala Shu**
We are a Taiwanese agro loofah as the main brand, the main creative gourd derivative related products,
Towards agri cultural and creative point of view of development, environmental protection and natural for the demands of the production of loofah related products, raw materials from the genus
There are farm through personally planting, management, acquisition, able to control the quality.

In the ground into the starting point in the agri cultural and creative fields, through specialization, to bring good quality and faithful melon body
Experience, gradually recover forgotten agri culture, back to the old days of the Belle Epoque.

Family, friends, has long not together laughing, drinking a cup of tea, chatting good things.
We will be unique tea to share with you, do not hide the wire.
★ cold soak schematic
▌**Shu melon - classic tea flavor**
Ancient dried silk seeds through manual heavy fire baking, nutrition and aroma forced out, the bubble out of the tea elegant
Fragrance, micro-gold color, with a sweet and slightly bitter taste, similar to the black bean and corn silk tea room and the smell of tea Ganrun
Taste, nutrient-rich, exclusive Shu melon tea, in addition to health, but also to have a different life experience.

▌**fragrance loofah tea**
Picks Taiwan do not know the original leaf spring, the traditional light Baking production, retains unique floral fragrance of fresh tea leaves, after choking
Natural distribution of fresh sweet taste, sweet fragrance of tea, with fragrance GAN throat rhyme, blending ancient sun
Gansi seeds through manual heavy fire baking, nutrition and hygiene, aroma, fragrance and become a health tea.
▌**You might wonder, silk seeds to make tea?**
However the general impression of the gourd is scouring pads, water gourd, mask and other skin care products. Compendium of Materia Medica records,
In fact, whole pieces of gourd is a treasure, the whole plant can be used, in addition to edible fruit, even after the seeds are edible fry.

▌**silk seeds Features**
No caffeine, with a variety of fatty acids, proteins, sugars, and other tires, the human body has considerable benefits.
*(Avoid touching regulations, please visit the relevant knowledge search)*

▌**different approach**
Do you have a cold bubble tea, put a night, or even a whole day, tea stretch the situation is not ideal experience?

In general, all of the original film, spheres, prepared by the compaction of tea, is less likely soaked, unfortunately nutrition
Not all dissolve out waste tea.

Shu melon practice to use high-quality whole leaf tea original film, but in order to make better the efficiency of the cold soak, bake again broke percent
20. Let the tea leaves stretch of efficiency, better dissemination of smell, so hot and cold soak soak ways to strike a balance.
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Name | classic flavor tea
Component | silk seeds 100%
Capacity | 36 grams (3 g * 12 packs) three-dimensional triangular tea bags
Baking degree | ● ○○○○
Shelf Life | years
Note: Use hot bubble tea flavor classic fuller flavor

Name | oolong tea fragrance
Component | silk seeds 33%, 67% Four Seasons Spring Tea
Capacity | 36 grams (3 g * 12 packs) three-dimensional triangular tea bags
Baking with the degree of fermentation | ●● ○○○
Shelf Life | years
Portfolio: Original classic fragrance Oolong tea + + * 1 bottle bubble cold

▌**Brand Story**
Before people are sunrise and sunset
Now people are doing before sunrise, sunset endless
Grew up watching their parents every day in the field, constantly busy, very hard.

Chen Dad said the current economic environment is not good, you young people particularly hard, laugh both helpless and distressed.
From farming life, adhere to the word "future you want to stay a little more," such selfless dedication, such as earth
Duty-bound to give, this love must be continued.

"Shu melon" want to leave, is about the good memories of this land, you buy not only goods, but also it
thing. Fifty years of experience combined with a new generation of innovative planting, look forward to using agricultural products as a more environment-friendly living
Should together with nature, the best to share with you, do not hide the wire.


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