[Fog Gold Geometric Polygonal Silver Earrings] Stud Earrings / 925silver

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#/ Material / -925silver (sterry silver plated gold) The ear pin is pure silver, no gold plating


[Fog Gold Geometric Polygonal Silver Earrings] Stud Earrings / 925silver


❖❖❖About commodity❖❖❖ Compared to the round large earrings, the geometric polygons give the big earrings a more refined feel. Fog gold, more elegant... :::This product is a spot product. Please refer to the design brief description for the shipping date::: ❖❖❖Commodity specifications❖❖❖ #/ Material / -925silver (sterry silver plated gold) The ear pin is pure silver, no gold plating (Please note the custom silver gilt maintenance and instructions below) #/Contents / - a pair (2 sold) - 1 pair of silicone earplugs -1 piece of silver cloth (This product does not contain boxed, there is basic gift packaging) #/ Size / -4.5 x 4.5cm ♦ This product is fixed in size ❖❖❖ Ordering instructions❖❖❖ #/ Please be sure to read the "Returns and Exchanges" on the homepage of the Design Museum. *Maintenance of sterling silver plated products* /General silverware maintenance please refer to the maintenance method below / After wearing gold for gilt for a period of time, the gold will gradually fade away and turn into silver, which does not affect the quality and wear, and can be worn as the original color of sterling silver. (The color retention time varies depending on the level of personal use) / It is recommended to wipe with a silver cloth (not recommended to use silver water) after wearing or in normal time. It can be placed in a zipper bag to isolate it from the air. Because the outer layer has a protective film and is well maintained, the color lasting time can be "at least" for more than one year. #/ Silverware wearing and maintenance methods / - It is recommended that after each wear, wipe with a soft cloth such as glasses cloth and place it in a zipper bag to avoid residual sweat or contact with air to oxidize and darken. - Remove the silverware when you are in the hot springs and swimming, and avoid direct contact with the perfume and lotion to avoid permanent discoloration. - The climate in Taiwan is damp, making silverware easier to oxidize and blacken. Please wipe it regularly. - Silverware can be maintained in the following simple ways: ● Wipe the silver cloth ~ directly wipe the black, or not shiny parts. (Sweeping silver bristle has chemical composition, it is recommended to wipe with gloves) - The best way to maintain the silverware is to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and lustrous luster. (Do not wear a bath) - Each piece of accessories should be stored separately, avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard objects, so as not to rub each other and damage! - You can also put a small packet of desiccant in the jewelry storage box to keep it dry. - Jewelry, please don't lose, don't fall, don't pull too much, treat it rationally. Taiwan (Made In Taiwan)


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