Ice three-color jade jade pig bracelet

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The jade pig has all the meanings of the wishfulness and the title of the gold medal. The jade pig has three colors. The



Ice three-color jade jade pig bracelet


Ice three-color jade jade pig bracelet

/ Size /
A single jade pig is about 10*7.5mm
As shown in the figure, the net hand circumference is about 15.5cm.
Lengthen up to about 16.5cm in the net hand circumference

/ Material /
Natural jade (Myanmar jade) A goods, plated gold beads

/ Description /
The jade pig has all the meanings and the meaning of the gold list title, but also symbolizes many children and grandchildren, but mainly I am the cute figure and the color "electricity": P
This string of jade pigs has three colors, the green jade pigs are mostly charming and charming apple green, the topaz pigs are bright-eyed honey color, the white jade pigs are especially ice-permeable, and the beads are 5mm jade beads, and the details of the piglets are made. The shape is complete, the inner grain is very small, the water head is crystal clear, and the surface is smooth and flawless.
From the picture, I feel that some of the beads are light purple, and the color of the purple enamel will become very thick under the lens. This is a white iced enamel with a micro-band background.

/ About Jade /
The Burmese jade we often say refers to jade, which is jadeite.
Since ancient times, jade has been passed down to promote evil spirits. It is said that A-Jadeite has been worn for a long time. The green silk can be changed from fine to thick, from short to long, and even the undertones will undergo some subtle changes. Some old jadeites "Cotton" will be opened, and the texture will be more crystal-clear and warm. This phenomenon is often confirmed on the good quality A-car jade. The experienced jade players know that Jade wear will become more beautiful for a while. People raise jade, jade raises people is this reason, and this phenomenon will only happen in the high-quality A cargo jade, B, C goods have been acid washed corrosion + dyed, equal to death, and will not wear The more beautiful you are.

/ Valet delivery /
You can send an infrared certificate on behalf of you. You must wait 5 working days after payment, and the certificate fee is 1500 yuan.
This is a natural A-car jade without glue and dyeing. The quality of the certificate is absolutely no problem, but considering the cost of the certificate, the customer does not want to absorb it. Therefore, the jadeite under 10,000 yuan usually does not send a certificate first. You can When purchasing, choose whether you need to bring a certificate, or you can go to the trusted identification office to check it when you receive it.

/ We choose the standard of jade /
Xiaolang likes to have the jade of water, so the perfect degree of texture transparency and cracking of jade is the primary screening condition. The water is poor, the stone is heavy, and it looks grainy. I won't take it.
In terms of species classification, our jadeite land is usually dominated by alfalfa, hail, ice, and ice. I like to polish the smooth, crystal-clear part of the water head, so the ice material usually picks up the level of the head, brightness, rubbery or rigid, and will light up.
The so-called [color difference one point, ten times the price difference], this view is also used on the ground, the same ice-permeable material, there will be a lot of light, the price will be much worse, my request for water is more strict color, maybe I It’s said that there is a high-ice ice, but it’s not the seller’s decision to plant water. I’d recommend that you can compare it after you buy it. How to describe the gem-like things, it’s better to put them together and use them. The eyes are the most accurate to observe.
Of course, I finally returned to the original old saying: [a penny, a piece of goods], the quality of the jade price is no longer leaked, there is a limit, usually a more cost-effective price compared to the current market, but As long as the quality of the purchase is good enough, even if it was expensive at that time, its market will still be returned in a few years.

/ Quality persistence /
1. The principle of crystal selection in Crystal Amusement Park is not dyeing or burning. If there is a need to use non-natural or artificial dyeing materials, we will clearly indicate the label in the product description.
2. We have adjusted the color of the picture to the color that looks closest to the actual product on our screen, but the color of each computer screen will still be different. The actual product and the picture may be slightly different. Please accept. Subscript, thank you.


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