Goat Kid Go Veg goat baby vegan {vegan} hard enamel metal brooch - Hard Enamel Pin [Vegan Flag] [Animal Rights] [Livestock Liberation] [Unicorn]

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Goat Kid Go Veg goat baby vegan {vegan} hard enamel metal brooch - Hard Enamel Pin [Vegan Flag] [Animal Rights] [Livestock Liberation] [Unicorn]


★ The income of this product will be for saving goats to stay in our little farm, instead of the goat meat food industry, and for supporting vegan ★ The model is a running four-day goat baby: D Respond to the birth of the vegan banner ~ Goat Baby Mini Black met a new friend called a vegan kid from the vegan world. Goat kid Mini Black encountered a new friend called Vegan Kid, came from vegan world. 'Vegan Kid' "Vegan Kid" Drawing by Liuyingchieh Inspired by Vegan Flag 🍀 🐐 Vegan kid hard enamel metal badge 1.5 inch × 1.3 inch Silver copper Hard enamel resin color Copper silver butterfly hat bingmazhen First edition limited edition 103 pieces 🍀 🐐 Vegan Kid Hard Enamel Pin Polished silver plated brass Hard enamel Polished silver plated brass butterfly clutch Limited first edition of 103 The unique motif comes from Liuyingchieh's exclusive illustration for Goat Kid Go Veg (FB @GoatKidGoVeg), the immediate goal of Goat Kid Go Veg's vision of veterinary promotion of goat babies from small relatives to herd pastures. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ "Why pets get love, wildlife should be conservation, but livestock must be slaughtered? Most people's empathy has been able to reach cats and dogs as well as wild animals, but this is finally achieved through the efforts of so many people and for a long time. Before I knew Big Black and Black, I never cared about the so-called "economic animals" situation. My personal natural eating tendency is milk protein and a small amount of meat. Although I have never eaten lamb, it is just as common as most people that it is perfectly justified to eat meat since ancient times. Until the black was sent away. I was shocked to find that Black was only an "economic animal." She had emotions. She heard the voice of a lawn mower afraid of fear. She always looked at human beings with trust and dependence. As a child, she did not have a goat Therefore, just like a human baby, he has been following the human foot in front of and behind him. She plays the goat's nature inside the human house, jumps onto a chair, jumps to the table and jumps to the top of the refrigerator. She could not even figure out whether she was a goat or a human, except that she would bump into the buttocks with the ass of other goats. She is really no different with cats and dogs, like human beings are loving life. Her fate is taken for granted and even slaughtered. Only after Black was sent away did I begin to understand the incredible brutality and needlessness of intensive livestock husbandry. Once thought that do not eat meat will not hurt animals, did not expect the brutality and exploitation of dairy products in fact superior; In addition to the cow (sheep) mother constantly pregnant calves throughout the life, but also continue to deprive the cow mother wants to feed the baby Nature, small bulls in captivity for a few months to become high-grade calf, heifers have to repeat the fate of mother and then become a cheap ground meat. In fact, the livestock husbandry in order to profit, the male laying hen directly to the meat chopper at birth, jingles from now on instantly become a mass of faint flesh and blood. Even to keep these imprisoned animals from hurting each other in cages, bovines (sheep) are born in boxes, unplugged with no tools, and chicks Will be cut beak to avoid mutual pecking. As I read the information, I decided to change my dietary preference to become a vegan practitioner. " For complete story see Goat Kid Go Veg (FB @GoatKidGoVeg) -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ Origin / manufacturing methods China


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