Alice Series [Blue Girl] Seasonal Limited - Cloris Gift Everlasting Flower Bracelet

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Blue and white hydrangea hand embossed production, limited for the season ~ Handmade boutique flower bracelets, each piece is unique.



Alice Series [Blue Girl] Seasonal Limited - Cloris Gift Everlasting Flower Bracelet


[Alice Series] Wearing a blue dress, the innocent blonde girl fell asleep under the tree and saw Mr. Rabbit holding the pocket watch. Dimensions - Bracelet shape: rounded - Bracelet inner diameter: 5.5 & 5.7 & 6.0 & 6.2 & 6.4 cm (please discuss the size of the bracelet first with the designer) - Bracelet height: 1.5 cm - Bracelet thickness: about 0.7 cm - Bracelet weight: about 20~30g, light material, like to wear a weight bracelet, please consider material - Transparent anti-yellowing resin potting, which will lighten purple in the sun - Blue and white hydrangea, white daisy, rabbit ear grass (blue and white hydrangea hand embossed production, limited for the season ~) - Flake gold foil Maintenance - Normal collision is not bad, and it is not easy to produce scratches, but do not hit hard - If the surface is dirty, wash it off with water. - When the bracelet is in high temperature (about 50~60 degrees), it will become Microsoft. After cooling, it will become hard and can be washed with hands, but it is recommended to remove the jewelry before bathing. - Jewelry, please avoid direct contact with chemical ingredients such as perfume, detergent, acid and alkali solution, etc. - Under the influence of sunlight, the natural color of the flowers has a little fading as a normal phenomenon. The fading of different colors and varieties of flowers is different, so it cannot ensure that it will not fade permanently. Some flowers have been dyed and the color can be preserved forever. In order to extend the color fidelity of the flowers, it is recommended to put the jewelry in the collection and put it back in the box to avoid the sun. Precautions - The curved surface is polished and looks very bright! - There is a flat place because of the relationship between the opening of the mold. After grinding, it will feel a little uneven, but the appearance will not be seen. If you have any questions, you can ask the designer~ - The pictures are taken in kind, but because there are no identical flowers and leaves in the world, and the floating position of the flowers will be slightly different when making, so each piece is unique! - Each piece is handmade, perhaps imperfect or a little flawed. There are occasional small bubbles in the resin or slight damage to the petals, which is unavoidable. Please consider this before purchasing. - Since each computer display is slightly different, or the color of the light is different, the color may not be 100% identical to the reference photo or image provided. Please pay attention before buying :) Every item will be packed in a delicate gift box~~ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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