smellscape Reed Diffuser | Classic Series |

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The smellscape Reed Diffusers are hand made by our designer. Safe, and long live of using.



smellscape Reed Diffuser | Classic Series |


smellscape reed diffusers are hand made by our designer. The ingredients all of our products are from the factory that established 1908 in USA. The fragrances is high quality fine fragrances using on the perfume, and the diffuser base is VOC certificated. These feature allow consumers safely apply in any space with children and pats. Also, the diffusers can stand on up to 3 month. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- smellscape Interaction of the of smell and four other senses with memories. Every individual has different feelings of the scents, defined by their past experiences and the connection with the moments that scents have been recorded. While the body recognizing the scents, the memory and emotion areas will be activated from deep of the brain, and reflected on the present, further, become an unique smellscape; all elements combined and interacted with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Aroma Describing * **◈Fresh Sugar Lychee** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Heather-Hyacinth** Inspired from rustic fruits and floral. Top notes of jasmine , muguet, ozone, banana, lemon and grape. Middle notes of hyacinth, lilac, heather, gardenia, carnation, rose, eucalyptus and fir needle. Spearmint, violet and musk base notes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Rose Petals ** A delightful bouquet of fragrant roses. Top notes of fruity floral apple. The heart of the fragrance is a sumptuous bunch of roses, with nuances of carnation. Base note is a soft lingering musk. This fragrance transports you to an English rose garden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈I-15 ** Start the long way road trip on I-15 from California to the Canada, passing through desert and Las Vegas. The good vibes just like every sight of the trip with leather luggage, go along the journey. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Lavender & Rosemary** Top notes of rosemary and eucalyptus, middle with lavender note, and an herbaceous, agrestic base line. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Sweet Pea & Ivy** With a beautiful floral bouquet, that intermingles with green ivy is the fragrance. The top include lily of the valley, delicate pear, sweet pea and a fresh floral. The middle note of the fragrance is a melody of hyacinth, rose, gardenia, carnation and lavender. Heart notes of violet, a gentle lingering musk and a light coconut. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈White Musk** Wonderful aroma of floral musk. Fresh floral notes with ozone, muguet, blueberry, strawberry, citrus and apple. Middle notes of jasmine, camphor, peach, gardenia, carnation, rose and lilac. The heart include, orange flower, musk, mossy amber and powder. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈White Patchouli Flowers** The classic scent of patchouli. A pungent, earthy fragrance. White flowers, patchouli, peony, bergamot, jasmine, rose, coriander and ambrette seed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Lemon Verbena** A clean, refreshing fragrance, Opening with sweet orange lime and. The fragrant scent of lily of the valley is at the heart, and blends into a musky base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Red Ginger** An exotic, rich, floral fragrance. Top notes of floral apple, sweet grape, orange, muguet and jasmine. Luxurious middle notes of gardenia, carnation, rose, clove leaf, ginger, lilac and orange flower. The foundation of the fragrance is formed with violet, powder and musk. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Poppy** Energizing top notes with bright cucumber, juicy mandarin and freesia buds notes. Heart is filled with aroma of jasmine, pink water lily, Southern gardenia, red candied rose petals and crème brûlée accord. Base note is a mixture of cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla and marshmallow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Mountain Rain** A watery ozone melon type with top notes of cyclamen, mandarin, lemon and orange, middle notes of rose, lavender, violet, jasmine and lily with a mossy, patchouli, cedarwood and vanilla base note. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Ocean Breeze** Green top notes with fresh floral, citrus, muguet and jasmine. Heart notes of hyacinth, rose, carnation and narcissus. A light musk at the base of the fragrance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **◈Pleasant Pine** A clean, classic, fresh pine. Ozone floral top notes with citrus and jasmine. Mid notes of rose, spice, fir needle, balsam, camphor, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Vera moss, musk and corn mint at the base.