Hot stamping name stickers [Animal cross-dressing show 2] Hot stamping type B 60 pcs

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A cute pattern drawn by your own hand with your own name Become a super cute and healing name sticker Let you be a top-notch no matter where you are in the mood! High-quality waterproof material, non-gelatinized, non-shedding, waterproof and durable Curved tailoring, cute and eye-catching Let your precious items no longer disappear~



Hot stamping name stickers [Animal cross-dressing show 2] Hot stamping type B 60 pcs


※The number of production days is about 3-4 working days. If you make it early, it will be sent early※ ★ Both Chinese and English names can be both Chinese and English, or simple Chinese or English ★ ★Blank paragraph, please note "do not print"★ ≡ Product specifications ≡ ⦿ Hot stamping paste a set of 5 patterns at one time with a pattern size of about 2.3cmx2.9cm 60 pieces ⦿ A piece of baking paper ≡ Product introduction ≡ Moms, do you have the following little troubles? -The spare clothes in the kindergarten are easy to disappear- -The clothes were written with a strange pen on the clothes by the teacher- -What should I do if the dark clothes cannot be written with the strange pen?- -There are 2 or more children in the family whose clothes are difficult to distinguish- Companion hot stamping name stickers all help you solve Exclusive pattern design, curvilinear tailoring, matching your name or text Become a super cute and healing hot stamping name sticker Let your precious items no longer disappear~ ※Please note the name to be printed in the message when placing the order! One group and one name~^^ ≡ Commodity characteristics ≡ ⦿ Exclusive design / not easy to hit the picture, strong uniqueness ⦿ Exclusive name/ Let your precious items no longer disappear ⦿ Shape cutting / easy, no need to cut with scissors ⦿ Wide range of applications / hot stamping on cotton products, the color will not fade after washing ≡ How to use ≡ [Iron heating]*Please press evenly*This operation greatly affects the firmness 1. Please place the hot stamping name sticker on the cloth product to be ironed, and put on the baking paper 2. Ironing with an iron for about 150 degrees (medium high temperature) for 5-8 seconds, it can be pressed back and forth according to the size of the pattern, 3. After cooling down, confirm whether the edge of the hot stamping sticker is firmly attached, if it is not tightly attached to the fabric, you can put on the baking paper and iron for a few seconds 4. After confirming that the hot stamping paste is firmly attached, let it cool down! ≡ Note ≡ * "Do not use" the steam function or the upright steam iron. * "Do not" use an iron to directly touch the name sticker. * It is recommended to iron on the heat-resistant "cotton" or "polyester" fabric (Washing labels are marked as "cotton" and "polyester" in English) For other materials, it is recommended to check the heat resistance up to 180 degrees before ironing. * It is recommended to iron on cotton fabrics, and not to use on sweaters or fabrics with uneven hair. * For blank items, please use a black or white oily pen after ironing. ≡ Designer reminder ≡ Product photos may have color difference due to the shooting environment and computer display, and are based on actual products.


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