Morning mist series hand-woven shoulder bag / side back

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The old-fashioned, neutral-toned mineral gray is a limited-order customized color. The high-quality two-color four-strand pure hand-woven high-quality cotton thread is ironed and shaped through multiple processes, and the layers are distinct. The light-weight and soft cotton canvas is specially selected. Use high-quality water-repellent nylon fabric. All com



Morning mist series hand-woven shoulder bag / side back


Simple but not simple. Exquisite canvas bag brand Whether in the early morning or in the rain, There are always various foggy scenes of far and near, The cloth is looming in the sky, Inspired by low-key and restrained gray, This series is named "Morning Mist". **Product desciption** The main idea comes from making canvas bags look like leather products and showing the craftsmanship, making good use of the plasticity of the fabric itself and the three-dimensional tailoring techniques to make clothes. In addition to making it into a wide bottom and large capacity, the soft and lightweight canvas makes the storage space more malleable, and the strap is just right, even if you wear loose clothes, it will not get stuck in the length. The high-quality cotton thread with environmentally friendly dyes and uniform hair color has a delicate and fluffy touch. It is woven by two-color four-strand pure hand-woven, and then subjected to multiple ironing and shaping treatments. The solid process makes the cotton thread very firm and not deformed. The brushed tassels are also extremely Soft, the feature of this bag: After stitching with the strap, it has a layered three-dimensional effect when viewed from any angle. In order to keep the overall package body simple and beautiful, reduce the use of plastic hardware and logo tags. There is a magnetic buckle in the opening, which has strong suction, good buckle and not easy to rust. **Size and material** Size: W32 x H35 x D12 CM Overall length of strap (including tassel): 112 CM Color: mineral gray Product Numbers: M02 Table cloth: 100% cotton canvas made in Taiwan, specially selected light weight of moderate thickness, can maintain stiffness but at the same time have a soft hand feel, more malleable and not heavy. Inside: 100% high-quality nylon fabric made in Taiwan, water-repellent nylon fabric exclusively developed by a high-quality fabric factory for export, using EU-certified non-toxic, non-heavy metal environmentally friendly dyes and odorless, with abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and color fastness Excellent performance. It is by no means comparable to cheap synthetic fibers. Each product comes with an exclusive homemade dust bag and movable hard bottom plate, which can be put into the bag as an inner bag to properly protect items, or a portable carrying bag that can be carried directly out of the bag, which is multi-functional! In addition to reducing the waste of packaging materials, the designer also hopes to make the best use of everything. The hard bottom plate can support heavy objects without deforming the bottom, and can be easily taken out when you don't want to use it, so that the bag can sag naturally, which is very convenient to use. **About maintenance** Avoid direct washing, this method can also maintain the shape of the bag without deformation, especially the styles that include pure hand sewing, pay special attention to it! The service life can be long. Please moisten the brush with a neutral and mild detergent for partial treatment, and then dry the water with paper towels or towels. It is recommended to put a layer of cloth on the ironing table cloth before using the iron. For ironing the waterproof lining, please use medium-low temperature. **Purchase Notes** This store is an order-to-order method. The average stocking period is five days (excluding holidays). Please be patient. Independent brands are not a large number of public versions. Due to the high labor costs, the exquisite materials and the complicated procedures, they will all be completed. It will only be produced after the order is placed and the payment is made, and the quality will be strictly checked during the process, and you will get what you pay for. The hand-cut size may have some error values due to horizontal measurement. All within 1cm is the normal range. Commodity photos have unavoidable chromatic aberrations due to different viewing devices. Please refer to the actual product. If the opponent's definition is too high or cannot wait, please place the order carefully. If you have any questions, please use the "site letter" to contact the consultation before the formal order. Once the order is placed, it means that you agree and understand the above description. Thank you for your cooperation!


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