Hunting Duck Camouflage Hunting Jacket A04 Light Color Hunting Camouflage Jacket [Tsubasa.Y Ancient House]

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●Material: 100% cotton ●Commodity description: Corduroy collar, slight stains in the collar, button-style, a total of three outer pockets, one of which has a bullet belt, several with slight stains, and a trap pocket inside.


Hunting Duck Camouflage Hunting Jacket A04 Light Color Hunting Camouflage Jacket [Tsubasa.Y Ancient House]

商品説明 ● Model height and weight reference (cm / kg): 166/60 ● Origin: Unrecognizable ●With a single item: corduroy trousers / vintage newspaper cap / vintage beret / LLBean shirt (all are welcome to ask) The green of military uniforms, the blue of tooling, and the khaki of classic hunting. In order to be able to wait in the wild, the safari is mostly durable canvas material. The front pocket has a bullet bag inside. The two large openings at the waist are connected to the large-capacity hunting bag inside the jacket. The inside is waterproof material, in order to prevent prey and prevent blood from penetrating. To the clothes, there will be thicker cloth on the shoulders to be used to support the gun to reduce the recoil. Although it is not really worn to hunt, you can experience the atmosphere of hunting in the wild, or just for the sake of handsome. (Because the age of the old production area has been unrecognizable, and the waterproof material part has fallen off, but does not affect the wearing) The products are all taken in real products, because the computer screens are slightly faint. The post-production repair screen has been adjusted to international standards, welcome to ask questions before purchase We will reply you in detail. Please compare the size of your clothes before purchase, do not accept the size after the sale, or not as expected. The goods in the store are all old products of ten years (above), or new products of ten years (above) After years of use or storage, occasional traces of the years, unacceptables do not buy It will be carefully preserved before shipment, and will be basically cleaned and ironed when shipped. Perfectionist please do not subscript thank you


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