Kinki handmade French chanson 8 romantic pink purple dry flower withered potted plants Valentine's Day i

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/ Dimensions,/ The width of the flowers is about 6-7cm at the widest point, and the total height of the flowers is about


Kinki handmade French chanson 8 romantic pink purple dry flower withered potted plants Valentine's Day i


Product description and story / Kinki hand-made 法 French chanson No. 8 ✿ romantic pink purple limited dry flowers withered potted plants The main flower - sun rose, you can spray your favorite perfume, as a diffuse fragrance It's a good gift for a friend! It's okay to put it on your desk. ❤Products are small gift box packaging ❤ / Dimensions,/ The width of the flowers is about 6-7cm at the widest point, and the total height of the flowers is about 8-9cm. The actual size of the hand-made floral goods is inevitably slightly inaccurate, but the amount of flowers will not be reduced. We can accept further purchases. Thank you! / Material / Imported handmade flowers (sun rose), not withered dry flowers ribbon Floral material: porcelain Seasonal materials, if there is out of stock will be replaced with similar flowers, it is impossible to be exactly the same. Before ordering, you can ask for private information first, and customize potted flowers. Please order early so that we can't make it to you. / Application / # Graduation gift # Valentine's day gift # Birthday gift # Table layout # Office objects # Announcement gift # Wedding arrangement # Photo props # Exchange gift # Store layout # Shop window layout # Office layout # Home layout # Studio layout # Studio props # Wedding Shooting props ✿Product description, use and maintenance Do not love wet flowers, please give him a dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight. Dried flowers, not withered, can be stored for months to years, with different tastes in each period. However, there is still a period of enjoyment, and it is normal for natural fade and weathering over time. Alfalfa plants will be different due to seasonal changes. We will choose the best flowers and plants of the season to make. The shapes of flowers and plants themselves are different, but they are not exactly the same, so we can't make exactly the same products. ❤Photos are shot with real products. We try our best to convey the same products as the photos. However, under different lighting conditions, the colors of the products may be different. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the colors, appearance and packaging can be exactly the same. ❤Every product is carefully selected and produced after receiving the order. If you have urgent orders, you can also send us a letter and we will also try to help you. We earnestly and carefully made every product. If you are not satisfied with the product, please take a photo and contact us so that we can assist you in the first time. We will, depending on the circumstances, give a replacement or cancel the order for you. I hope you do not rush to give a bad evaluation. It is not easy for individual studios to operate. We strive to make better works for more people to see, thank you for your support and Love. Delivery House with goods does not include production time is about 1-2 days or so ❤ Convenience store (store-to-store) does not include production time is about 2-3 days or so ❤ In order to maintain the quality of fresh flowers and plants, some of the fresh flowers and plants do not provide store-to-store delivery services at convenience stores. Due to the fact that we have not been able to supervise the shipping companies, we have some risks. Please forgive me. Thank you. Please send us a letter first to discuss with us but Pinkoi cannot provide the transhipment service. We will do a good job of anti-collision protection measures and send them to your hands properly. It is inevitable that the mailing process will cause some dropouts to be normal. If there is a problem with the product, please take a photo and contact us as soon as possible. We will handle it for you immediately. ❤ 订购 订购 订购 订购 订购 订购 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 ❤ If you want to order 3 or more items, please select the delivery method. The shipping method of the supermarket is not applicable. ✿Notices ❤ Every kind of product is hand-made. The production time is about 4~5 working days. The quality of each purchased material will be different. The production will not be exactly the same as the photo. It is inevitable that the drop process is a normal phenomenon. The last small reminder: Every flower is manual measurement, it is inevitable that some errors please forgive me! ❤ Kinki hopes to meet everyone's needs. This is our original intention. I hope you can confirm the size of the bouquet again before you order it to ensure your rights. If you cannot accept it, please do not make a reservation. If you want to customize, please read the following information, and ask the designer for the private news, Thanksgiving! Due to the rigorous and cumbersome customization process, it takes a long time before and after a single shopping spending of NT$1,000 (excluding shipping charges) can be customized, and needs to be requested two weeks before receiving the goods. If the time is less than two weeks, we cannot accept customization. It is recommended to purchase the products already in the store. Good quality custom creations require patience. Due to the need for accurate discussions, please provide the desired colors and styles and press "Contact Designer" to send us a private message. We do not accept the use of other people's floral works as a basis for customization because we respect all original creators. Respecting the creativity of others means respecting oneself. Since the use of floral materials may vary, the prices may vary. Please inform the designer of the budget and the color system you wish to create. You can also tell us that you wish to use the material and let us evaluate the price for you. It is necessary to have a clearer and clearer idea and good communication between the two parties before making the customization. If it is vague to imagine "feeling", indescribable or unable to provide similar pictures, you can only choose to believe Kinki's floral beauty and customize the proofs. After only two fine-tunings are accepted, it is not possible to accept major adjustments and it is not possible to accept double-mindedness. If you have a more undecided decision, it is advisable to purchase other works from the store. The customized payment methods are the same as those in the store, and they will be proofed after the payment is made. Pictures will be provided after the proofing is completed, and the shipment will be satisfactory. ❤ We are not a traditional florist and do not pursue a certificate. However, we strive to integrate the floral art into people’s lives with the constant learning of the orthodox flower technology and endless creativity. This will inject more positive energy into the society. . Therefore, whether it is the original works in the store or the continuously innovative works, or each piece of work customized for the guests, the same high standards and high quality are strictly required, resulting in the above-mentioned "customership." "For the sake of information," because quality cannot be compromised. ✿ About the color of the product: Why is the photo for reference only? The recent cases and experiences are summarized as follows: ❤ About the color of the work, we must explain it to you as follows: The work you saw was taken by our Canon 5D3 + Canon original top lens + Canon original top flash with our full-frame digital monocular camera, supplemented by Japan's top auto-calibration screen for photographers and imac mini system + latest version of Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC, which compares the color correction of works with photographs. The photographs are compared with the photographer's photographs of commercial photographs, trying to make the guests look as if they are in daylight. At the time, we saw the actual appearance of the product. That is, we are responsible for the goods we export at the original end, but the color change of the back-end may have the following factors: 1. When we uploaded the photos to the Pinkoi system, it was compressed again via the Pinkoi system, causing slight aberrations and darkness. If guests download photos of our works, they are once again uploaded into the message to discuss with us, and once again compressed via Pinkoi, causing secondary distortion. When we look at the professional screen, the colors may have been brighter than the original photos, which may cause your misjudgment. 2. The browser used by the guest may also have a color difference. This is a problem of program color coding. 3. The operating system used by guests may also have a color difference. This is a problem of system color coding. 4. The screen used by guests is usually the most obvious factor of color difference, because each screen has different color breadth and degree of stability, and the brightness and darkness settings are different, which will produce a color shift gap. 5. The ambient light of viewing photos is also the biggest source of color difference when viewing photos. For example, under the yellow light, the color reflected by the screen will be different from the indoor and all black environments with window light in the normal daytime, resulting in misinterpretation of color difference. It is recommended to watch under the dark environment. 6. The surface reflection degree of the screen will also cause misjudgment of the color difference. Especially when the glass mirror screen is used for viewing, it will not be viewed in the all-black environment, and even the color of the clothes worn on the screen will be reflected on the screen together. When the color difference occurs, it is recommended to use a non-reflective matte screen to watch in a dark environment and to wear black clothes. 7. The eye's ability to sense color or the material and light transmittance of the glasses, as well as the cleanliness of the glasses and whether there is wear may also be a factor in the color difference, this standard can not be defined and recommended. 8. The viewing environment of the guests after receiving the merchandise will also affect the colors of the works they see, especially in the dark and faint yellow light, or under the weak fluorescent light, all of which will seriously affect the work in your mind. a feeling of. 9. The image seen by the human eye is actually illuminated by light, reflected by different objects, and refracted by the light source in the scene. The light that enters the eye is reflected by the light-transmitting cornea, iris, water crystal, and liquid glass. , Imaging on the retina. The retina transmits physiological signals along the optic nerve to the brain, triggering visual judgments. The image formed on the retina is inverted with respect to the object, and when it is interpreted by the mind, it automatically turns into a feeling of erection. The area in the brain's visual neurons is small, and that's the perception of the end that people feel "seeing." Therefore, because of the physiological factors, each person's judgment of color may also be different. The above is the error factor for the color judgment of the guests that we might encounter after the photos are output. It does not include the lighting and color problems that were faced during the previous product shooting. Even though the colors and the shades of the goods that guests eventually see will be different from what we know or present because of so many factors, we still insist that as long as they are customized, they will still take the commercial products according to the specifications of the guests. After taking a picture and carefully checking the colors, we sought to approach the standard color temperature of the original product and present it to the guests. Although, in the end, the color is biased, we still have to take responsibility for doing the right thing. This section will be explained on the basis that it is hoped that guests who are particularly persistent and sensitive to color will be able to understand the efforts we have made and how many factors are full of variability, which may cause you to work on our products and actual works. In case of misjudgment, we may think that the colors of our product photographs are different from the actual ones, so we make special announcements and notifications. This is why each bundle of works will be different and not exactly the same. This is the natural dry floral art, withered flowers, hand-made temperature, unique. If you are concerned and will mind, please do not order. In general, floral materials may have slightly different colors, so the colors may be slightly different from the photographs of the same works on the original photographs, but they are all collected from the same floral materials. Because the flowers are dried from natural flowers, the color of the flowers themselves will be different for each flower. For example, dry hydrangea is particularly noticeable, sometimes with different colors. Therefore, we have indicated on the product page that the works cannot be exactly the same. If the flowers are out of stock, they will be replaced by the same color system. If they would mind, please do not place orders. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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