"Glory Glory" Ethnic Fashion 925 sterling silver turquoise feather ear hook earrings

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"Glory Glory" Ethnic Fashion 925 sterling silver turquoise feather ear hook earrings


[**Commodity and Stories Story & Products's**] Picking a green pine send you peace Decorated with a symbol of the brave feathers to bring you smooth journey With warm hands to convey this incomparable blessing Wishing you peace and joy forever will be my greatest honor Indians love feathers are unique, and has a wide spread in Asian and American Indian peoples customs: each kill an enemy on the insertion of a feather headdress or hat. On a copper frame sew some eagle feathers it would make a proud Indian warrior headdress up. Indian tribes are all familiar with symbolic feathers. In the battle, feather headdress worn thick, meaning that the wearer is a warrior, suffered repeated attacks from the enemy. Gap means scars feathers, that battle and when hunting scars. Soldiers need a witness to prove the origin of the pain in their own tribal council, and then awarded him a feather from the tribal council. Indians believe that feathers have magical powers, the feather as a symbol of courage, honor the flag, and often in their hats to show off to people. Toba has a symbol of courage, beauty and wealth. In addition, depending on the color and wearing styles, Toba also a symbol of social status and different emotional states. For example, in China Cascina tribes, men would wear decorations in front of Toba women he loves to express fervent emotion, effectively preventing the other's hostility. Condor black feathers reminiscent dignitaries and death, while South American parrot red feather is expressed goodwill, ability and rich. If local residents are eligible to wear Dai Hongyu, it will highlight its distinguished black feathers. Turquoise (Turquoise) 1. American Indians, as the turquoise sea and the sky spirit, the expedition will bring good luck and good luck, as the success of lucky sacred stone is a symbol of divine power. Many of the world minority see it as God's gift. 2. help seriously ill patients after surgery or accelerate recovery. [**Specifications Size**] ► length of about 4.8cm This product is each one pair [**Material Material's**] Turquoise selected, high quality 925 sterling silver ear hook, silicone ear plugs (You want the freedom to choose with gems such as amethyst or rose quartz instead, welcome contact with the designer!) [**Operate and maintain the Preservation**] ► The workshop's products are all fully handmade extreme, with the most trusted quality, but do not use it inappropriately (such as strong pull). ► usually when not in use with a soft cloth into the rear part of the metal box to save or zipper bags to avoid exposure to air. ► If the style with silver design, you can wipe silver cloth, or a soft cloth to wipe accompanied pull faces with the powder, can achieve the same effect. [**Brand Introduction Gems Glim the About**] "Genuinely natural and beautiful" nature and essence of beauty only Glim Gems Gem sadly hear their whispers? "We have a history of Magnificence, but did not mark the value of" old "" "Glim Gems" whichever means "naturally luminous blossoms bright jewel." Glim Gems believe in nature, things are all unique and each individual existence, as if carved to look the same, in essence, it is still different natural semi-precious stones. Wash the traditional image of a given mineral stones to the ultimate show of art by hand, such as wings Pegasus creative thinking, given to compromise and natural attitude, so that gives you a natural mineral stones - unique color and style. In "Glim Gems" to find the most sincere and pure self! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan / handmade with limited supply Pure Handmade & Limited Supply


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