[Paper-made possible] minimal plain series simple business card holder

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[Paper-made possible] minimal plain series simple business card holder


"Noble" is an excuse for humans to make more animal dermal products, and a means for businessmen to seek profit. Could it be said that the right of animals to survive can be ignored by holding these two words? Without leather bags, we would not die; without leather shoes, we would not die; without leather sofas, we would not die. But once animals lose their only fur protection, they will definitely die...Can you imagine? In fact, all the corpses on the back and under the feet are dead animals. Let go of the animals together! Use leather paper as a substitute! It is paper, made of natural fiber pulp, a kind of plant fiber, which can achieve the characteristics comparable to leather, so it is named. It can be wet without breaking, tenaciously replace leather and enter your life. The Life Story// Let simplicity enter life and make life simple. // 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 ⊛ Illustrated product production materials ⊛ Leather paper ▸▸▸ original color + grass green Stitching ▸▸▸ champagne gold thread Compartment ▸▸▸ 3 card slots (Each card slot can hold 5 credit cards/6 normal paper business cards) Size ▸▸▸ 10.3cm X 7.2cm 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 ***** The designer has something to say: Please read all the product descriptions clearly before you take them. You really have to read it clearly or ask clearly before placing an order~ Thanks! Below are the color plates taken in-kind on the po. All colors are based on the color plates. Guests can follow the corresponding color plates described above for reference~ ***** 🔹Hand stitch and thread stitching production🔹 ----------- https://farm1.staticflickr.com/843/43624484642_1796484bfa_o.png ----------- Contact the designer to customize exclusive styles Order process: 1. Choose leather paper background color https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0501/9081/1311/files/Colorpack_paper_v7.jpg?v=1605704026 ----------- Purely hand-made works, from cutting to perforation and sewing are all made by hand. It is inevitable that there will be minor flaws, ultra-perfectionists choose carefully. Thank you! ----------- All pictures are taken under natural light, and there may be chromatic aberration problems due to different displays. ----------- Leather paper is a kind of degradable natural harmless fiber. With a thickness of 0.55mm, it is as tough and wear-resistant as leather, and can not be torn under water. Ideasfromlife uses it to successfully replace animal leather, reduce cruel killing, design a variety of small life objects, show their uniqueness, make use of paper-making possibilities, and promote the awareness of natural ecological conservation. After washing the soft leather paper, it adds a retro charm, and the texture is like sheepskin. The most familiar work is the designer label on the back of the jeans. Quickly check the jeans at home. Have they been washed many times and have not been broken?


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