Taiyuan Taipa [Handmade Silver Jewelry] Fit × Sterling Silver Couple Couple Ring

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★ This work is made by wax carving, the work waiting time is 15 days ★ The master made it by hand, adding a touch of temperature to the silver jewelry Make jewelry no longer just cold metal



Taiyuan Taipa [Handmade Silver Jewelry] Fit × Sterling Silver Couple Couple Ring


[Material] 999 sterling silver [Ring Wai] Male Ring: International Wai # 13 ~ # 18 Female Ring: International Wai # 8 ~ # 13 [Products are attached] Packing box / handbag / silver cloth / guarantee card ▲ Please leave a message to inform the custom ring ▲ [All goods have after-sales service] If you come to Tainan, you can bring the goods to the store and let us serve you **The pictures in this library are all taken in real products, but due to the different conditions of each computer monitor settings, the photos and the actual objects** **There is some color difference, so the product color is subject to the actual product.** https://youtu.be/b9eP8NbzigE -------------------------------------------------- ------------- **Measurement method: take a cotton thread (thread for sewing clothes) and put your hands around the fingers you want to wear** **Straighten the thin line with a ruler to measure the line a few centimeters, and then compare the chart** order process Measure ring https://media-01.creema.net/user/1499747/exhibits/8606255/6_86b5dd8b71079febf1e5c0656d9f9604_583x585.jpg 2.The product can be presented in original silver and vintage black **If K gold is required, an additional plating fee must be charged ↓↓↓** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/7WDLsZ2p 3. Leave a message to tell us the above options, thank you Add purchase ring box https://www.pinkoi.com/product/UMM7G5u3 -------------------------------------------------- ------------- ︱Customized-Lettering Instructions︱ ◆ Please communicate with the designer to confirm the typing position and the number of words, so as not to have problems in production or not being engraved ◆ The production process is all hand-knocked, so the knocked position may not be 100% centered, and the characters carved each time may be Can't be 100% the same, this is the feel temperature of handmade jewelry. If you can't accept the order, please consider carefully! ★ 925 sterling silver is non-allergic and can be worn for bathing. Generally, the normal oxidation rate is different for different constitutions (acids and alkalis). Silver jewelry After oxidizing and turning black, you can use toothpaste / silver wash water / silver cloth to maintain and clean, and you can restore the silvery white color for easy maintenance. ---------------------------------------------- Maintenance: • When the jewelry is not worn, please keep it clean in a sealed bag or box • Please do not wear silver chain hot springs to avoid darkening Maintenance of small objects Pure silver oxidized and blackened for maintenance with soft toothbrush Apply a little toothpaste and water, then rinse with light brushes to restore shine Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer Can be used with silver cloth to make silver jewelry shine, like new silver cloth For weekly maintenance of jewelry, wipe metal surface Silver wash 1. Put the silver ornaments in the silver washing water and soak them for 3 to 5 seconds 2. Take the jewelry out of the silver wash and rinse with plenty of water 3. Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer 4. Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver jewelry shine, just like new **Remember**Do not immerse vintage black jewelry in wash water, otherwise the vintage black will become original silver! Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade


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