Taiwan island colored key ring

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Taiwan island modeling key ring, various colors show a colorful image of Taiwan.


Taiwan island colored key ring


Size Description: . Taiwan island colored key ring: 2.1X5.5X0.7 (CM) . A total of seven colors, each key ring on both sides of the color, text are the same. Material Description: . Taiwan island colored key ring: the resin (polyresin) as the main material for product production. Product story: The main island of Taiwan is the shape of the island. The key ring is written in both Chinese and English. Through the expressions in both languages, Taiwanese and foreigners can know the shape of the island in Taiwan through the key ring. Taiwan, Taiwan, uses white, clear-cut fonts, written in different colors. This design has a total of seven colors, I hope you get this colorful color, can evoke the journey in Taiwan: Taiwan's memories. Among them, the designer in the configuration of color, mainly by the following ideas, provide your reference, but also hope that we can find their own key ring the beauty of the color. . Yellow: Abele on both sides of the road at Chung Hsing University, swaying in the wind, began a golden rain in summer, evening glow and covering the ground full of yellow stalks, matched into a most beautiful poem. . Orange: favorite sunset freshwater riverside, warm orange sun, slowly dipped in the water level, the surrounding lights gradually lit, the bright moon, high hanging in the sky, this is the day and night. . Pink: Take the sunrise train, slowly moving in Alishan railway, pink cherry, add more color to the green, like a girl's red cheeks, amazing! . Red: The most beautiful autumn maple red, dyed a piece of the earth for the flush, the first visit Austrian million, the gradient of the red maple, it is refreshing. . Water blue: marching waves of the Chishingtan, sea breeze dance, looking at the blue sky, flower East Coast aesthetic style, it is unforgettable. . Green: Qingming Mountain Qingtian Tian, Qingjing farm green grasslands, and everyone in the grass rolling grass, children's frolic laughter one after another, the most beautiful scenery is the smile on his face. . Blue: Blue Tansu in Tainan and Taitung, the special effect of creating a sense of space in the paintings, and the whole wall and the area map are blue, and then white lines are used for creation. In fact, this is not just a tourist attraction First, at the same time is also part of the living area of people. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in China


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