[1+1 combination] custom key ring free shipping |

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Vegetable tanned leather custom key ring Can be branded or printed with the text you want Names, maxims, anniversaries can be The leather length of this product is about 8cm Pressing one side can only be 10-12 characters One side of the word is recommende


[1+1 combination] custom key ring free shipping |


■ Art Creation Small Room x Small Leather Art ■ --- Customized lettering vegetable tanned leather key ring hub reel gift *Time limited offer* >> 1+1 combination free shipping! (If the word is over the free 8-character range, add the embossed part) Vegetable tanned leather custom key ring Can be branded or printed with the text you want Names, maxims, and anniversaries are all available! Use movable buttons Not just a key ring, it can also be a hub Wish for gift Brandable word The word number is not limited to the number of words. The more words, the smaller the word. The free range of pressing characters is 8 characters, which exceeds the price increase. The leather length of this product is about 8cm The word side can only be around 10-12 characters (the free part is 8 characters) One side of the word is recommended within 18 characters And the number of words will vary depending on the letter case. It is recommended to ask first. [size] Width: about 1.5cm Length: about 8-9cm (after leather folding) [Material] Leather vegetable tanned leather [皮色] primary color [branding, pressing] Provide a word or word Please write first to ask if the number of words can be branded or pressed. ●Front word Chinese, English, numbers Free branding ** Basically recommended no more than 18 characters, more than the word is too small, fuzzy or even impossible to burn) **The size of the other words will be affected by the number of words. >> The font selection is as follows https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1898/44508010531_1990b64823_z.jpg ●pressure word English, numbers Free word limit 8 characters Word fixed height, please write first to ask if it can be pressed ** One side is recommended within 10-12 letters (different in case) Free press word limit is 8 characters (including numbers, English, symbols, spaces) More than**markup** Each additional 2 characters is 1 unit 10$ Please add the following items to the shopping cart to checkout according to the number of units purchased. >> Plus purchase word service: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/5gCECDiF >> The font details are as follows https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1890/29570487317_c4c0641e65.jpg [instruction manual] - The production period is about 5-10 days (excluding holidays) - The photo is actually taken, because there is a color difference between the computer screen and the shooting light, mainly based on the entity. - The dyed color cannot be the same every time, and it will also be affected by the spot color difference of the cowhide itself. There may be some unevenness in the place. Please accept the difference and place an order again. - All natural leather occasionally has growth marks, scars, chromatic aberrations, spots, etc., all of which are natural phenomena, not sputum, please accept the order. [Use and maintenance] - Vegetable tanned leather will gradually darken with the use of daily life and the sun, and the color change speed will be different depending on how each person uses it. - Please carefully touch the water. If you accidentally encounter water, please wipe it off quickly and dry it in a cool place. After drying, gently wipe the surface with leather maintenance oil. - In case of scratches, it cannot be completely eliminated. Please be careful not to use it. If you accidentally scratch it, you can wipe it on the surface with a maintenance oil. Origin / manufacturing methods Kaohsiung, Taiwan / handmade


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