This Caotang hand-made oil workshop virgin ultra-low temperature sage seed chia seed oil glass only provides home delivery

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Chia seed oil; single-press oil; insist on a small amount of whole-process cold-pressed oil... freshly squeezed oil


255ml x 1



This Caotang hand-made oil workshop virgin ultra-low temperature sage seed chia seed oil glass only provides home delivery


announcement: We are a small amount of squeezed oil, as far as possible no inventory, so may wait 5-7 working days (excluding holidays) I'm really sorry to keep you waiting. This Caotang cold pressed virgin chia seed oil uses natural or organically grown seeds Please contact Bencaotang for the size of organic agricultural grain . I'm sorry! The glass is fragile and rejected by the super merchant. It can only be delivered by home delivery. Please forgive me for any inconvenience! Thank you! / Product description and story / Adhere to a small amount of cold pressed oil... Freshness, naturalness, health and no addition are our only persistence. Because Mr. is a systemic psoriasis patient, the doctor always recommended rubbing petroleum jelly when starting to see the doctor. However, the residue and oily smell after petrol jelly has always made us very worried and wondered. How can this be a good oil for patients with skin diseases? So I began to look for and understand various oils more than ten years ago, and began to understand the importance of oil to the body. I just wanted to give my family the best oil. /product manual/ Looking for cold-pressing machines from the beginning, I found that there is no cold-pressing oil press in Taiwan. I just insisted on "just want to squeeze out the real cold-pressed oil". Please ask the machine manufacturer to help us design and manufacture the machine. "The First Taiwan" Cold Press Oil Press. Later, when I had to search for seeds, I realized that Taiwan had no seeds to squeeze oil from. I got a little information from the Agriculture and Food Department. It was disappointing at the beginning... I can only ask the Agriculture and Food Department to introduce a safe seed importer. Ben Caotang has been looking for good seeds in Taiwan to squeeze out the best local oil. Therefore, we cooperate with several different organic or natural agricultural producers in Taiwan, or import seeds directly, we hope that everyone can have a trustworthy good select. / Size, specification, size, weight/ 255ml+-3% / Material / Omega-3 has more flavor than flax, and its taste is lighter than flax Low temperature extraction is easier to absorb and is the best oil to adjust body function. / Use and maintenance methods / Refrigerator cold / Designer and brand profile / / Daily limit, cold-press hand-made every drop of good oil/ Slow roasting at low temperature every day, freshly squeezed, only 100% of the first cold-pressed oil is extracted, completely without chemical refining, without additives, without a drop of inferior oil, the raw material quality is strictly controlled, the process is transparent, all adhere to only one share Simply silly, "Fresh, natural, healthy, and without additives is our persistence and sole goal." / The difference between cold-pressed oil and large factory oil / The cold-pressed oil process of this cottage: screening cleaning → low temperature baking → pressing. Chemical refining oil process: solvent extraction → desolvation → degumming → deacidification → water washing → decolorization → deodorization. / The difference between cold press oil and general hot press (screw press)/ Cold-pressing oil process of Bencaotang: screening and cleaning→low temperature baking→pressing We insist on choosing safe, fresh, natural or organically grown seeds. We insist on selecting and cleaning seeds. We insist on --- drying at low temperature to remove moisture. We insist that the oil-filled bottles need to be washed and dried, and ultraviolet sterilized. We insist on cleaning the machine with edible alcohol before squeezing oil, and cleaning the machine with edible alcohol every week. We insist that because we cherish all the guests around you and treat you as a family, we give you the best. Origin / manufacturing methods Caotun / manual + cold press Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan/Caotun


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