Planet Candle Series Fragrance Candle Gift Wedding Small Things

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<This series has three different color planets, please communicate with us; or do not specify the terms> 🌹 Use: Es


Planet Candle Series Fragrance Candle Gift Wedding Small Things


<<Idea>> In indoor space Burning a candle that represents the starry sky Roaming in the world of imagination Precipitate, imagine or create At this moment~ Have a moment of peace and quiet 😀Every planet is made by hand. The finished products are unique and the color, texture and photo comparison are slightly different. Please understand the difference between hand-made and machine-making before ordering. Each planet is Christy's. Rose is crafted! <<Scent selection>> 🌹~~栀子花园(花香调)~~ Summer is coming Gardenia flowers are open Rich scent is like overflowing love The piano sound of the wedding is waiting for a lifetime Gardenia under the sun You and me in the sun Full of blessings Endless happiness 🌹~~Garden Rose (Floral)~~ In the rose field Think of the story of the little prince and the rose If someone falls in love with the star of the sky, the rose That rose will be the most unique flower in the world. When you look at these stars He will laugh at you You will feel happy Everyone has a unique rose in their hearts. Worth us to savor On a quiet night The story of your little prince and rose 🌹~~Southern Lavender (Floral)~~ Provence in Southern France Have beautiful and ancient legends a bunch of purple flower buds Flowing into the hearts of every traveller I have never been a guest. Just waiting for happiness to meet again Fragrant in memory Arouse again Taste the taste of happiness in the first encounter 🌹~~ lemon verbena (fresh wood tone)~~ Fresh vanilla Sweet with lemon Simple and elegant As if you were in the land after the spring rain The aroma of the grass dances with the wind Spring is full of 🌹~~ Nordic Forest (Natural Forest)~~ That winter Quietly plant a seed in my heart Buried with ice and snow That unique grassy fragrance After a long wait Melting snow Revealing the green buds Fresh in memory That scent of grass With the advent of spring Re-bloom =========================================================== ========= <<Creation material>> * Natural plant wax replaces traditional petroleum refined paraffin *Natural vegetable oils * Natural compound fragrance and cotton candle * Does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives and chemical additives =========================================================== ========= <<Product Description>> *Use: Essential oil scented candle - purify indoor air *Use: Essential oil scented candle - purify indoor air * Diameter: 7 cm * Weight: about 100g * Burning time: about 18-20 hours *Packing size 80 x 80 x 80 mm *Ingredients: plant wax, compound essential oil, cotton candle heart *Combined essential oils: Gardenia - Jasmine, Gardenia, Osmanthus, Cedar, Pine, Patchouli, etc. (Floral notes) Pastoral Rose - Rose, Rose Geranium, Cedar, Pine, Patchouli, etc. (Floral) Southern Lavender - Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Pine, Patchouli, etc. (Floral) Lemon Verbena - Lemon Verbena, Lemon, Pine, Cypress, etc. (Fresh Woody Notes) Secret Lovers - Calendula, Lemon, White Cedar, White Musk, Amber, etc. (Natural Forest) *Manufacturing method: Handmade * Origin: Taiwan (TAIWAN)


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