CANELÉ French Kelly │ confession poetry, dry / no flower cement dessert spread stone gift box

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It can be used as a decoration or essential oil to spread the fragrant cement dessert "French Kelly", with a white dessert box, and a dry flower card with the same color, so that you have the most complete blessing.


CANELÉ French Kelly │ confession poetry, dry / no flower cement dessert spread stone gift box


**/ Brand Concept/** With the conveyance of plants and furniture as a texture, life has new inspiration and interpretation. Simple texture creates the quality of life. **/ Product Story /** Using the cement dessert "French Corli" made from fruits and stamens, you can taste the different layers and tastes by visually, drop the favorite essential oil on the cement surface, and enjoy a special afternoon tea. "White poetry" taste, with a white dessert box, and a dry card with the same color, let you have, give you the most complete blessing. ✔ white dessert box 礼 Gift box seal sticker 限定 Qualified dry flower card (providing card writing service) ✔ Product introduction card ※ If you give it as a gift, please leave a message. Leave the gift box seal sticker for you when you ship it, so that you can take it out and ventilate it when you receive it. **/ Matching flowers /** Color: 吿白诗 Flower: millet flower, fern leaf, eternal hydrangea, Casby Save: Appropriate environment about 6 months to 1 year and a half – No flowers and dry flowers are processed from flowers. The growth patterns and shades are different. It is not the same as the pictures. Please bear with me! – Dispose of the ventilated area as soon as possible after receiving the goods, and keep it dry to avoid moisture, water or direct sunlight. – Oxidation over time, the color fades and eventually fades to a natural phenomenon. For example, if the air humidity exceeds 70% for a long time, it may cause discoloration or accelerate fading. – Dehumidifiers can be dehumidified regularly to help maintain longer periods of time. If dust is present, use a brush or dusting ball. **/ Flower Design /** – Cement has absorption characteristics. A few drops of essential oil are dripped on the surface of the cement. It will absorb moisture through the pores and adjust the humidity inside and outside to achieve the effect of expanding the fragrance. Do not drop directly on the flower. – It is recommended to use natural non-pigmented essential oils. After volatilization, it will return to the original color of the cement and avoid staining with colored liquids. – Since the size of the diffused stone affects the spread range, this paragraph is suitable for the distance between the desktop and the computer. – There are holes in the concrete block, and the plants will be inserted inside to fix them. If the flowers are withered, you can replace your favorite plants. – The size of the hand-made will be slightly different (±0.2cm), and the pores and texture generated on the surface are unique to the cement itself, and each item is unique. Size: Φ5 x H4.5 cm Material: cement **/ Shipping instructions /** – Due to the humidity in Hong Kong and Macao compared to Taiwan, and the long time in logistics and storage, it will be impossible to avoid moisture in the box. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier for dehumidification. – The product shipment will be fully packaged and the most complete protection, safely delivered to your hands, and the packaging materials used can be recycled. – Due to the dumping and stacking of the super-commercial delivery, the claims for fragile items are not accepted. In order to send the security, some goods are not provided with the method of picking up the goods. – If you want to reduce the risk of goods distribution, it is recommended that you check the delivery of home delivery to reduce the consumption of packaging materials and improve the safety of delivery. – If the goods received are in serious damage, please take a photo and return it to us, and keep the original packaging materials, we will deal with you immediately.


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