Tea Wine Cup Series-【Accumulation】【Sweet】【Summer】【Friendship】【Sand Dunes】

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Each utensil will be accompanied by a totem description card, so that you can let the other party know your wishes when you give a gift


Tea Wine Cup Series-【Accumulation】【Sweet】【Summer】【Friendship】【Sand Dunes】


RMB 580 per tea wine cup -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- [Accumulation] One by one Surrounding the three-star Lanyang Creek and the tributary Luodong Creek, the water is full of white miscanthus and sandy riverbeds. During the rainy season in April and May, heavy water will bring down the sand and rocks upstream, Along the Lanyang Creek, you can hear the sound of the gravel screening machine and the falling rumbling of the gravel. One by one, piled up, piled up gray cone-shaped hills along the stream. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- [Sweet]-Sweet and Juicy Admiral Pear Samsung’s air and water quality, pollution-free environment and humid climate, In order to cultivate the precious and unique flat pear fruit, It is fresh and sweet in the hot summer. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 【Midsummer】-Thick cumulus clouds In summer, the sun was staring at around six o'clock in the morning, and the thick cumulus clouds were hard to look directly under the sun. Fortunately, the freshly harvested fields were filled with water, and the slight wind brought some coolness. Samsung’s midsummer is extremely hot, but every winter, I miss the thick snow-white cumulus clouds in the blue sky of midsummer. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 【Friendship】Neighborhood When I live in Samsung, I often see vegetables from my neighbors placed in front of the door. Yilan has a very important spirit of "willing to do it." In addition to planting crops on your own land, you can also grow crops on water conservancy land and on the riverside. They are also planted by the roadside, as long as there is soil. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 【Slow Living Sand Dunes】 How long has the sand dune in Zhuangwei been missing Architect Huang Shengyuan built the park with the concept of retrieving the beautiful sand dunes along the coast of Zhuangwei. He led us to the sand dunes and saw the pristine natural beauty of Zhuangwei. When you come here, you can relax and feel the simplicity and tranquility of Zhuangwei with the most comfortable posture. In the slow living time, I met the unique landscape of Guishan Asahi. 【Production】 The hand is broken. Manual spray glaze. Blue and white rubbing Samsung Four Seasons Blue and White Porcelain is 100% "made by hand", so that every tiny touch will leave a trace in the forming process, so that the utensils are not immutable like industrial ceramics, which are constantly changing in each process. Take the soil, pull the broken, cut the bottom, use your fingers to remove the semi-finished product on the wooden frame and dry it in the shade, repair the blank and burn it, glaze and print the blue and white, and leave the traces step by step, and finally make each vessel brew a unique , From the warmth of your hands to the heart. ★This work is a purely hand-made product, since it is not made by molds, it pursues free feel and natural changes The size and shape of each one will also be slightly different. 【size】 Cup diameter 6.5 high 6 cup bottom diameter 7cm (+-0.5cm) 【Material】 Ceramic soil. Original earthenware fired at 1230 degrees ★Please note! The blue and white on the vessel are printed with non-printing or glaze stickers with natural rubbing, so it will show natural irregular edges and texture~ 【Use and maintenance method】 It can be heated in an electric cooker or microwave oven, and washed with water or detergent. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan Yilan Samsung/Handmade


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