Marble knife and fork four-piece group

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Natural marble lines are unique and only buy textures that belong to your fate. The marble is elegant and elegant, with thick handles, which makes the cheese and snacks rich in design and life. FMT wants to infuse beauty into every aspect of life.



Marble knife and fork four-piece group


The natural marble is noble in texture, and the four-piece knife and fork are thick handles, which are in line with the human body posture, and are easy to use. The handle is warm and well gripped, it is convenient to divide the food, and it is also beautiful to be taken. It is a small detail that cannot be missed. The natural soft color of marble, smooth and slightly touched, is very suitable for a stable mood. The low-key and natural texture and color of natural marble play the role of setting off the background. Without taking the theme, the whole space is more balanced. Use a special cheese knife and fork to pick up the cheese to avoid the temperature of the hand. Let the cheese change, make the drink and life more refined, FMT wants to inject beauty into every aspect of life. Q&A Q: Why choose to use natural marble products? A: The natural marble has fine pores, which are not easy to breed bacteria and residual odor and are easy to clean. FMT natural marble products are tested by ITS anti-mold efficacy test and no mold for 28 days. Make your diet more refined, stylish and safe. Q: How to clean natural marble products? A: Since natural marble is composed of calcium carbonate, it is not recommended to use detergent to wash, use plenty of water to wash and dry. Q: Why do you have a light stain on the surface after putting the food? A: Due to the natural stone, if the food itself contains acidic liquid, it will cause the surface of the product to be slightly peeled off, but the appearance is not obvious and does not affect the use, and does not cause safety concerns. Oily foods may also leave the surface of the natural marble with no obvious oil stains, which are not obvious and do not affect the use. Please use it as appropriate. Q: Is the crack-like line on the surface of natural marble a fake? A: Natural ore has texture and crystallized, which looks like fine scratches. It is actually a unique texture that natural stone has! Touching the surface with your hand is smooth. If the product has scratches, it will be concave when touched by hand. Q: What is the stainless steel model of the four-piece knife and fork group? A: 420 food grade stainless steel, size 420 has good hardness, often used to make tools or cutlery. [Marble knife and fork four-piece group specifications] size: Two-toothed fork - L 13.5 x W 2.3cm Fine blade -L 13.5 x W 2.3cm Wide blade -L 13.5 x W 5cm Blade cutter -L 13 x W 2.5cm Weight: 0.3 KG Material: marble, stainless steel Place of Origin: Taiwan Storage method: rinse with water and place in a ventilated place Other notes: * Natural ore texture can not be controlled, the color is gray, white, texture is clear, texture is less and so on. * Part of the photo is taken in a life-based way. Because the light source and the color of each brand's screen are slightly different, the colors are different. Therefore, the color of the product is still subject to the actual color.


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