VIIART. Starting point. Natural stone simple brass earrings - can be changed to clip

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Daily brass vintage wind earrings, a little bigger than the 'original point', a small embellishment that can be worn at work There are currently 10 colors to choose from.



VIIART. Starting point. Natural stone simple brass earrings - can be changed to clip


Changeable clip Style A is adjustable, with brass or 18K gold plated material, depending on the original design. Style B is gold-plated silicone type, the tightness can not be adjusted, relatively small and cute If you need to change the clip type, please select from the size specifications when subscripting. This store is the price of a pair No.: E6088 Style: (the first picture from top left to bottom right) From the top left: A: Antique beads - purple B: Antique beads - orange yellow C: Natural blue agate (BLUE AGATE) D: Natural powder crystal (ROSE QUARTZ) E: WHITE TURQUOISE From the left in the lower row: F: Antique beads - ancient green G: Natural lapis lazuli (LAPIS LAZULI) H: green sandstone I: Phoenix Lapis Lazuli (Artificial Solid Blue Green) J: terahertz stone Material: Environmentally friendly brass ear pin x natural stone (see style) x brass fittings size: ♦F♦ earrings are about 1.2cm in length (without ear pins) We guarantee excellent after-sales service: ► This product comes with a silver cloth ► We do not sell photo shows, all products are guaranteed to be brand new ► All items are sold with a zippered bag for easy collection Brass maintenance method: Brass has always been a very popular jewellery material, its price is approachable and there is no fading problem. However, brass, like silver, is easily oxidized, and rain and sweat can make it darker. Although some people like this natural bronze color, if you want to avoid this situation, you should pay attention to it: ♦ Avoid touching water ♦ When you are not wearing it, put it in a zipper bag. If you feel that the gloss is dim, provide a few simple ways to restore the original radiance of your purchase. However, please note that if it is worn, although it can restore the color, but can not restore the sense of light (the ancient fog of bronze is also very beautiful!) ♦ Use a toothbrush to dip a little bit of foamed toothpaste or toothpaste. Brush it like a brush to restore the luster. Pay attention to the need to dry the water after washing. ♦ Wipe with a silver cloth to quickly restore light (not for brushed surfaces) ♦ Juice and dilute the lemon, place the copper garnish and let it stand for about 5 minutes, which will quickly restore the radiance (not suitable for natural beads such as pearls). Precautions: ►The natural stone is different in each product. There may be some cracks or small flaws. Try to pick the best ones, but please be sure to accept the subscript! ►Depending on the size, the arrangement may be adjusted according to the length ►The color in the photo may be different due to the difference in light and display screen ►Gold-plated and gold-plated products, please try to avoid using silver cloth, and avoid strong friction and contact with chemicals. If it is dirty, please rinse with water, dry it and collect it in the zipper bag. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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