Clover/shamrock/four-leaf clover brooch 3 white/pink/purple 3 colors optional crochet

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"Clovers" with small spherical flowers and heart-shaped leaves include "three leaves" and "four leaves". In addition to the common pure white, there are also pale pink and purple red. The "Clover" brooch woven with Japanese twine is attached with a "four leaves", which means to bring "happiness" to


Clover/shamrock/four-leaf clover brooch 3 white/pink/purple 3 colors optional crochet

商品説明 "Clover" (Clover) that calls for love and happiness has small white spherical flowers and heart-shaped leaves, which are generally composed of "three leaves", but there are also rare "four leaves". Flower language of "shamrock": hope, faith, love "Four Leaf Clover" Flower Language: Happiness I heard that the chance of finding a four-leaf clover is a low probability of 1 in 100,000! Aki presents a piece of "four leaves" to each "Clover" work, which means to bring "happiness" to every confidant. This small flower native to the European wilderness has a fresh and pleasant beauty. It consists of 3 clovers, like a small bouquet picked in the field, with Japanese pure hemp/cotton lace and hemp rope bow, simple and elegant. Pure white is the most common color, and there are three colors of pale pink and fuchsia. You can choose one of them. Product Clover brooch (3 flowers) * 3 flowers x 3 leaves (two with 3 leaves, one with 4 leaves) * Hand-woven Japanese natural twine. * Japanese pure hemp lace and hemp rope * The hand-made iron wire is hidden in the stem, and the angle of the branches and leaves can be fine-tuned. Color 1. Pure white---common color 2. Purple red---gradient color 3. Pink---3 different shades of pink (Sold Out) Size Height: Approximately 9cm * This product is handmade by hand. The angle, distance, size and placement of the flowers, branches, and leaves depend on the hand feel at the time of production, and cannot be exactly the same as the photo. This is the uniqueness of hand-made. Please understand. (If there are special positioning and angle requirements, please write down in the remarks column. If there is no description, please let Aki design it for you.) * This product has undergone shaping and anti-fouling processing. (It is not a permanent effect, but it can increase the durability of the work. Since the wire is a soft material, excessively strong shaping will affect the natural beauty. Please understand.) Items 1. Clover (3 flowers) brooch x 1 2. Silent Moment exclusive gift box packaging with maintenance instruction paper. 3. Each piece of "Clover" is attached with a "Happy Card" printed with blessings. * The outermost layer is wrapped with a sealed tube/kraft paper with protective materials to ensure safe delivery. * Gift paper and gift box styles may change with the supply of goods, please let Aki choose for you. Message Card If this is a gift to express your heart, Aki will make a unique "heart card" for you, You can print your name and blessings, Let an exquisite gift become more heartwarming. * Please tell me the content of the card in the remarks column. * If you don't write down the content, it will not be put in the heart card. * This is hand-made, not for sale. For packaging, mailing, maintenance, etc., please go here to understand, thank you. Made in Hong Kong by Silent Moment / Aki


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