Clover / Clover / Clover Brooch 3 White / Pink / Purple 3 Optional Crochet

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"Clover" with spherical globules and heart-shaped leaves, "three leaves" and "four leaves", there are common pure white, but also pale pink and purple. The "Lucky Grass" brooch woven by Japanese twine is accompanied


Clover / Clover / Clover Brooch 3 White / Pink / Purple 3 Optional Crochet

商品説明 Clover, which calls for love and happiness, has white spherical globules and heart-shaped leaves. It is usually composed of "three leaves" and rare "four leaves". Flower language of "Clover": Hope, Faith, Love Flower of "Clover": Happiness I heard that the chance to find four-leaf clover is a low probability of 1/100,000! Aki delivers a "four leaves" for each piece of "Clover", which means "happiness" for every person who knows. This kind of small flower that is native to the European wilderness has no fresh and beautiful beauty. It consists of 3 Clovers, like small bouquets picked in the wilderness, with Japanese pure linen/cotton lace and twine bows, simple and elegant. Pure white is the most common color, and there are light pink and purple, a total of three colors, and one color. Product Lucky Grass Brooch (3 Flowers) * 3 flowers x 3 leaves (two 3 leaves, one 4 leaves) * Japanese natural twine weaving. * Japanese pure linen lace and twine * Hand-made iron wire is embedded in the stem, which can finely adjust the angle of the foliage. Color 1. Pure white - common colors 2. Purple - Gradient 3. Pink - 3 different shades of pink Size Height: about 9cm * This product is made by hand-woven, the angle, distance, size and placement of flowers, branches and leaves, depending on the feel of the production, can not make the same effect as the photo, this is the uniqueness of the hand-made, Please understand. (If there are special placement and angle requirements, please write down in the remarks column. If there is no explanation, please let Aki design for you.) * This product has been shaped and antifouling. (It is not a permanent effect, but it can increase the durability of the work. Since the wire is a soft material, the excessively strong shaping process will make a natural beauty. Please understand.) Items 1. Clover (3 flowers) Brooch x 1 2. Silent Moment's exclusive gift box with maintenance instructions. 3. Each piece of "Clover" is accompanied by a "Happy Bunny" with a blessing. * The outermost layer is wrapped in a sealed/kraft paper with protective material to ensure safe mailing. * Gift paper and gift box styles may change with the source of supply, please let Aki pick it for you. Message Card If this is a gift of expression, Aki makes a unique "heart" for the shackles. You can print your name and greetings. Make a refined gift more heart-warming. * Please tell me what I want in the remarks column. * If you don't write down the content, you won't be put in your mind. * This is made by hand, not for sale. For packaging, mailing, maintenance, etc., please come here to understand, thank you. Made in Hong Kong By Silent Moment / Aki


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