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MOLESKINE Art Series Bullet Notebook



MOLESKINE Art Series Bullet Notebook - Hot Stamping Service


MOLESKINE Art Series Bullet Notebook "BULLET JOURNAL" bullet notes have become a popular trend in notebooks in Europe and America. After MOLESKINE launched its time notebook in 2017, it launched the art series bullet notebook again in 2019. Classic hard cover and intimate rounded design with 120 gsm / 81 lb. acid-free paper for sketching. The combination of bullet notes and art allows you to record your creative thoughts and use the pages and index pages of the inner pages to efficiently find the page you want. - Classic L-shaped hard shell cover with intimate rounded corners - "in case of loss" classic sentence printed on the title page - Profile page - The inner page spine is securely stitched with a two-color bookmark, and the page inside the dotted line is marked with a number of pages. - "Index page" to record the contents of each page and quickly rummaging through the information - Pockets on the inside of the back cover for small paper to avoid loss. The back cover pocket, which can be used to record bullet marks. **70 g/m2 acid-free paper** Classic series notebook, limited notebook Classic ivory white acid-free paper, smoother and smoother paper writing Suitable for writing pens: oily pen, neutral pen, pencil, ball pen **100 g/m2 acid-free paper** TWO-GO notebook, time notebook, art series music staff - L type Paper is thicker than the classic and has a higher density. Suitable for writing graffiti Suitable for writing pens: neutral pen, pencil, steel ball pen, pen, carbon pen, chalk **120 g/m2 acid-free paper** Art series sketch book The paper for sketch painting is perfect for the work. Suitable for professional sketches and pastel paintings Suitable for writing pens: special pencil, pen, carbon pen, chalk, marker **165 g/m2 acid-free paper** Art series sketchbook, art series Japanese style scroll, art series mirror Professional drawing paper ensures high color retention, sturdiness and stability. Can withstand the eraser to modify the friction. Suitable for writing pens: special pencil, pen, carbon pen, chalk, marker **200 g/m2 acid-free paper** Art series watercolor picture book The professional watercolor painting paper made by cold pressing technology makes the paper both positive and negative, and even if there are a lot of watercolor raw materials, you can create peace of mind without worry. Suitable for writing pen: watercolor pen, brush, water chalk <Product Specifications> Size: L type / 13 x 21 cm Number of pages: L type / 160 pages Paper pounds: 120 gsm Material: Paper made in China **Pinkoi exclusive custom stamping service** // how to apply Please read the following hot stamping instructions and provide the hot stamping pattern number and text in the shopping cart remarks column. - If you purchase a copy, fill in the remarks field directly, for example: Pattern: B, text: good times - If you purchase more than one, for example: Classic Hardshell Notebook - M Type - Checkered Black / Pattern: C, Text: Happy Life Classic treasure blue hard shell notebook - L - checkered / pattern: D, text: Happy // can be bronzing goods Accept the cover material as hard or soft, size: pocket / M / L / XL Limited edition and special material cover are not available // bronzing specification Each item is only acceptable for**"One Pattern"**Plus**"One Row of Text"** There are 8 models to choose from (due to the type relationship, A can not be hot stamped) // bronzing word limit Pocket / M type: 12 English words or 5 Chinese characters L type / XL type: 14 English words or 7 Chinese characters - Chinese and English cannot be mixed, the number of words contains blanks and symbols, please specify English case by yourself. - English fonts use SignPainter-HouseScript, Chinese fonts use standard body. Do not accept specified fonts - Special characters that cannot be entered by keyboard or phonetic input method cannot be accepted. - The printing position is unified in the center directly below the cover, and the specified position is not accepted (please see the hot stamping diagram) - Pinkoi's exclusive customized bronzing service to 2019/08/31, if during non-activity, the hot stamping service costs $250 per copy // Hot stamping service instructions - This bronzing service cannot be delivered within the specified time due to the scheduled time. It takes about 7 - 12 working days. - The bronzing service order is an individual customized product, so it is not possible to provide a return (please note before setting up the order) - If you choose "Pinkoi Exclusive Customized Stamping Service", but do not fill in the customized content in the order remarks field, or do not contact Moleskine to inform the customer demand within 48 hours after the order is completed. In the event that the subscriber cannot be contacted, the Pinkoi station will assist with the refund. // Hot stamping


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