Canvas bag printing fee-additional printing service (drawing fee extra) / shoulder zipper

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◆ Only print the image I painted, not the photo or image you provided ◆ The price is the printing cost, not including the drawing cost ◆ 100% natural cotton ◆ Central standard testing CNS15331, non-toxic and non-heavy metals


Canvas bag printing fee-additional printing service (drawing fee extra) / shoulder zipper


**◆ This price is for printing, excluding drawing costs.** **◆ The drawing fee is extra, please click the link to purchase:** ▶ ▶ ▶ (Q version style) (Card man style) (Watercolor style) **◆ The content of this product is mainly based on your customized digital graphics files.** **◆ When the full page cannot be printed due to print restrictions, the background color will be adjusted, please refer to the example diagram.** **【aging】** ◆ Drawing time: 8 days (excluding holidays). ※ Payment and photos will be counted from the next day. ※ Finish drawing early and send it early. ※ In peak season, the order quantity needs to be arranged, and the delivery time will be delayed, please bear with me. ◆ Printing time: 3 days. ◆ Delivery time: 2 days. ※ Super-business pick-up: Normal delivery on weekly holidays. ※ Home delivery by post: Weekly holidays will be postponed. ※ Hong Kong and Macau: Normal delivery on weekends and holidays (SF Express delivery). ※ Please contact SF Express for the timeliness of residential surcharges in Hong Kong. **【copyright】** ◆ The photo is provided by the customer, please be responsible for infringement. ◆ The museum has the rights of publicity, display, display, etc. (If you don't want to show, please inform in advance). **[Character beautification]** Card Man and Q version styles are mainly fun, not the pursuit of extreme realism. The paintings will thin the face, trim eyebrows, whiten, and beautify teeth. Reduce wrinkles, eye bags, moles, spots, and braces. If you want to retain features, please specify in advance. **【Remarks】** ◆ Customer products cannot be returned or exchanged. ◆ Personal business, no invoice or receipt attached. ◆ The museum can cancel orders without liability. ◆ The manpower of the museum is limited, and it is unable to provide services such as trial drawing, sketching, modification, and packaging. If there is any inconvenience, please forgive me. ◆ The person placing the order is deemed to agree to the above description. **▶ Canvas bag size & material:** ◆ Dimensions: 34x44x10 cm (HxWxD) ◆ Strap: 40x2.5 cm ◆ Material: pure cotton canvas 14A (oz) ◆ Weight: 270g ◆ Pocket zipper + black inner pocket, no lining ◆ Can hold A4 magazine ◆ Because the canvas bag is made of 100% natural cotton, there will be a natural shrinkage rate ◆ The original cotton fibers or miscellaneous points in the weaving process of pure cotton canvas are natural phenomena **▶ Precautions for cleaning canvas bag:** ◆ When cleaning the canvas bag, avoid printing patterns and wash the reverse side by hand. ◆ Do not use washing machine or dryer, scrub with cold water or soft lotion. ◆ Do not use bleaching agent, because alkaline lotion is corrosive and easy to damage the cloth surface. ◆ Do not expose to the sun, just dry in the shade. ◆ Please iron the spacer cloth, and the temperature should not be higher than 100 degrees.


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