1/2&1/2 - Mini Colorblock Leather Earrings

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Dots series advanced version, mini leather earrings, with a handmade paper bag is more cute!



1/2&1/2 - Mini Colorblock Leather Earrings


✤ Product description and story ✤ ☾1/2&1/2☽ Two people In the end, it will be contaminated with each other. And have the shadow of each other **Leather X Metal / Leather & Metal** **Handmade / Handmade** **Unique / One of a kind** ✤ Size, specifications✤ (18-ER-HAF) The leather size is about 5-6 mm. The underside of the earrings is 4 mm in diameter. When removing the earrings, it is recommended to remove the ear bundles first, and then remove the ear pins from the front. It is awkward to reduce the loss of leather. Refer to the picture below and choose 12 leather styles you like. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4673/38764520545_6a9cd346a0_k.jpg **If you want to buy a hand-made mini portable paper bag in the group, please add another to the store.** note: A. Due to the different sizes of leather, some shapes (such as stars and small circles) will have exposed metal on the bottom. B. This group consists of two, not picking colors. C. If it is a very easy to allergic constitution, you can change it into a silicone ear in the remarks column, so you don't have to worry about allergies!! **The ear-ear earrings are more prone to the problem of leather falling off than other hanging earrings. Those who care about it should not place an order, or change to a silicone earring to be less likely to fall off.** Change the ear clips and place an order together: Painless silicone ear clip: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/DrqWyMtw?category=2 Painless silicone spring ear clip: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/cwa4MdA9 ✤Material ✤ 〖About leather〗 Our leather is natural vegetable tanned cowhide. Painted with leather special dyes, The skin color will darken over time but there will be no fading problems. There must be a color difference between each screen display. Even the same dyes can be dyed with different shades depending on the color of the leather itself. Huan's special dyed leather: A unique color leather that the designer dyes from time to time, Because it is a random creation, it cannot be selected and selected. When the leather is used up, it cannot reproduce the same leather pattern. 〖About Metal〗 1. Brass frame is electroless brass. 2・Auricular needles, ear straps and other hardware accessories use nickel-free plating, which is less prone to allergies. According to the analysis of the allergy index of metal jewelry according to the foreign medical literature, nickel, chromium, cobalt, silver, copper, palladium and platinum (platinum) are arranged according to the order of occurrence. 金属 Regardless of the presence or absence of electroplating, the metal will be oxidized and normal due to sweat and the length of use. ✤Usage and maintenance methods✤ Do not touch the leather jewelry, the water will easily make the leather moldy and fall off, reducing the service life. If you accidentally get wet or wet, you can use a hair dryer to dry or dry. If brass (electroless plating) parts are produced with long black spots, use a nail polisher to polish them lightly. If the problem of leather falling off, you can buy KS bond super glue to make adhesive repair. ✤Designer and brand profile✤ https://farm1.staticflickr.com/792/40710223284_b76c764d5f_k.jpg ✤Huan's leather accessories✤ The original leather accessories of the style, the designer will personally mix the dyed colorful leather. Intricately inlaid into a brass metal frame, each piece is hand-made and experimentally and temperature-sensitive. Suitable for you who are innovative and unique. ✤ brand story ✤ I am an office worker, a nine-to-five jewelry designer. Jewelry is beautiful and unique to me, but the threshold to buy is very high. What is jewelry for me? I often say: "The protagonist of jewelry is a gemstone, and the metal is only the supporting role of the gemstone. 』 A jewelry designer who painted gems every day decided to replace the gems with leather. The leather became my canvas, the gem I created, and the leather was set in the metal as a gem. This process is a bit experimental and a bit unique, thank you guys who like these special things. IG: huansdesign ✤About packaging✤ https://farm1.staticflickr.com/534/19565512272_b5529e485e_o.jpg a. All goods are generally shipped in packaging b. Necklace gift wrapping (no extra charge, please specify in advance) c. General shipping business card d. Earrings gift packaging (no extra charge, please specify in advance) e. Kraft paper box packaging (additional charge of $40, please add another store)


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