Handmade wood mobile phone holder / business card holder / black gold sandalwood / Paraguay pear

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The natural texture of the log, so that the living accessories have its place


Handmade wood mobile phone holder / business card holder / black gold sandalwood / Paraguay pear


*Select South American hard logs, touch the texture to meticulously warm * The texture of the logs, the natural elements of the forest that fills the home or office How to use: wide groove for mobile phone or ipad; fine groove for business card, your favorite photo or memo paper, etc. Size: 13.5 x 10 x thickness 1.8 cm Material: Paraguay rosewood (color pink orange), black gold sandalwood (color red and black coffee) Paraguayan rosewood The wood has a special pink rose color, which has a beautiful luster after polishing. The structure is fine and uniform, with staggered texture. Although there is no aroma of Burmese rosewood, the density is higher, the fiber is more detailed, and the cell structure of wood is more compact. Inlays for high-end furniture, kitchen and wood, and even handmade guitars. Black gold sandalwood The heartwood is dark brown and dark reddish brown, with irregular dark (or near black) stripes, elegant color lines, very strong hard wood, and strong anti-corrosion and insect resistance. The wood grain of black gold sandalwood is deeply loved by architecture and interior designers. It is a high quality wood with both durability and aesthetic vision. Please pay attention before buying: 1. Because wood is a natural material, the texture of each product is different. We will ship it at random, and we will not accept the return of goods due to different textures. The actual arrival goods will prevail. 2. This product is made of natural wood. It has been tried with natural maintenance oil before shipment and can be used directly. 3. Because wood is a natural material, the surface has micro-cracks and small holes, which are normal wood texture. Cleaning method: Rinse with warm or cold water, with a soft cleaning device; after cleaning, dry the residual moisture and store it in a well ventilated place. Maintenance method 1. Maintenance method can use olive oil, walnut oil, linseed oil and other natural vegetable oil, wood wax oil, mineral oil to wipe, avoid using salad oil, soybean oil or peanut oil to wipe, because it will produce oil consumption after a period of time. 2. It is recommended to wipe the maintenance oil after the wood is dry, and the maintenance time can be about once a month. Precautions 1. Natural wood products should be protected from direct sunlight or placed in a strongly changing environment. 2. Do not use a dryer to dry.


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