Brother's insistence, from the beginning until the end! Orange vibrant cotton yarn sports towel

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Brother's insistence, from the beginning until the end! Orange vibrant cotton yarn sports towel

商品説明 **There are mails / receipt time, invoice information, discount methods and returns and other important information** **Full NTD 1500 free shipping throughout the implementation of the program** (Plus purchase a small card) (Plus purchase feel packaging services) (Plus purchase gifts paper bags) (I want to buy a single tube gift box) (Paired with the towel into 2 gift box group) **♥ One second to understand the dark bird gift purchase skills** Please follow the above recommendations to estimate the time of purchase, early payment early delivery ~ ~ **♥ Product Description and Design Story** Many people leave a message asking the dark bird, Blood is blood, ....... after that? I said: "Of course, I must persevere after the blood !!!" In life, we all have to face various challenges, Many times for my heart's dream has not taken that step, That need is a passion! Let's move our dreams to the goal! Embark on the pursuit of the road of dreams, the need is perseverance and perseverance! From the beginning until the end! Unsuccessful never give up! I would like to use this design towel, dedicated to all brave people dreaming! 2016 cool cool summer version of "stick to Columbia" launched vitality orange normal color, with you all together to persist in your dreams! **Hereby stressed that this paragraph towels are not printed products, but the real color bicolor Jacquard weaving method (two-color Jacquard method: both sides of the same pattern, but the color interchangeable, this method has excellent visual sense of three-dimensional, looks three-dimensional, feels The same soft and smooth, and the washing is still bright as many as new! The pattern is not fuzzy! Really powerful!) Due to various types of screens have different levels of color, if you can not accept the photos and real slight differences, do not buy Oh!** **♥ size, size** Size: long 120cmx wide 22cm (single) Weight: 170g (single) **♥ material** 100% natural cotton yarn weaving **/ Operate and maintain /** **♥ designer and brand profile** Dark light bird, 7th grade, who are allergic (limited use of cotton clothing), Design industry rookie, the old world workers, dark sleeping late bird, Good all kinds of practical design good products, both old and new, classic on the line.


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