Dry flower essential oil soy candle 3 into gift box set

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Dry flower essential oil candle - Woman •Flower The brand spirit of the woman's flower is that it can use natural and natural, reduce environmental pollution and do my best to use environmentally friendly materials. Although not necessarily perfect Bu


Dry flower essential oil soy candle 3 into gift box set


Dry flower essential oil candle - Woman •Flower Woman •Flower: Every flower has its flower language Every fragrance has its meaning Open your eyes What kind of embarrassment do you want today? This memory point is determined by yourself! Whether it is romantic and gentle lavender Or a charming rose filled with pheromones Let the natural notes linger around you 🌿Elf's Prayer - Lavender Pure, romantic The soul of Venus - Rose Love, beauty 🌿夏莫卡's bravery - white musk Courage, cure I don’t forget my heart - rosewood Warm, firm belief 🌿 happy haunting - orange flower Happiness, joy 🌿Free Hill - Fendo Fine Healing, energy 🌿 Tranquil Starry Sky - Compound Fragrance Mysterious, release A girl's atmosphere - compound fragrance Pity, fresh Please note the desired fragrance when ordering. If you do not remark, please follow the designer's production. 🌹 铁 box color if not specified, random delivery What is the difference between a candle and a scented candle? Most of the commercially available scented candles are made of paraffin and artificial flavors. Calia's essential oil candles are made from "essential oil" and "organic soy wax". These two ingredients are derived from natural plant extracts and will not cause harm to the human body and will not burden the environment. In order to keep the freshness of the work Each of the candles, carefully crafted by hand, is comfortable and natural, so that every user can feel the most beautiful and enjoyable experience. The shelf life of raw materials is two years. After the production, the recommended period of the essential oil candle is 3 months (otherwise, the fragrance will fade) Pure natural soy candle, combined with a variety of fragrance essential oils, low ignition point The temperature is maintained to 40-50 degrees after ignition Apply wax oil to your fingers and hands as the most natural moisturizing hand care product postscript- Quality of life needs to pursue itself Romantic atmosphere is built by yourself And the eyes, the sense of smell, the touch, the woman, the flower, the flower, the flower, the flower, the flower So look at your eyes and enjoy! Origin: Made in Taiwan How to make: Hand Made with Calia Woman •Flower Woman Flower The dry flowers will be designed in accordance with the color of the bottle, and each bottle will have different designs according to different seasons. Candle capacity: about 100g Note: The recommended ignition time is 2-4 hours, too short aroma is not enough Too long to affect indoor air circulation Trim the wick to 0.5cm before burning and start burning A wick that is too long or too short can cause incomplete black smoke or candle fire to go out. Keep away from fire and flammable materials when using, please keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not touch the cup while burning to avoid burns. The lid material is not suitable for direct extinguishing of the flame. Do not cover the burning candle directly.


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