Hairy Kids Dining Table Series - "Japan" Wood Pet Dining Table Dish

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Dimensions (approx. measurement): Tabletop - table height is about 10.8 cm. Attached to the bowl.


Hairy Kids Dining Table Series - "Japan" Wood Pet Dining Table Dish


size/ The desktop (including the two side legs) is about 28x15.8cm. The height of the table top is about 10.8cm, and the top edge of the bowl is about 14.5cm to the ground. The Japanese-style ceramic bowl that I feel very beautiful is thick and heavy, and I have not bought a second one. This kind of tableware just wants to match the simple beauty. Newson + two side walnut slabs, the overall stability, the middle round hole can tightly clamp the bottom edge of the bowl, (The walnut has a little dent that can't be sanded. If you mind, please consider it, or please write me another photo for your reference. Thank you~) It is more reassuring to use, but because it is fragile, the hairy child who is very excited to eat is still not suitable. Only the only one, like a friend welcomes the fast subscript! Before you subscript, please confirm whether your child's hair is suitable for this height~~ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- Want to give it a unique dish rack? Personal original imagination production, the market can not find! All solid wood materials, woodworking special glue combination, without any nails or unsightly screw holes, The unique shape makes it look cute and happy when it is eaten~^^ The wood is hand-coated with several water-based environmentally-friendly paints. It has no pungent odor and can be initially waterproof and easy to wipe. The corners are rounded and rounded, so don't worry about getting hurt. In the same way, there is only one one at the moment, so I like to buy it soon! Thank you!! Please check if the size is suitable for your hairy child before ordering~~ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ **/Maintenance method /** . The wood has been hand-painted with several water-based paints. It has no pungent odor. It can also be pre-splash-proof and dirty. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, but do not touch the water for a long time or put it in a damp place and direct day. At high temperatures. **/other instructions/** 1. The photos are taken with real products and presented as many angles as possible. However, each screen display must have a color difference. The photos may also have an illusion of magnification or a different texture due to the light. If you have any questions about the work or would like to see a more partial photo, please feel free to contact us in advance. 2. All the products in this design house are handmade by me, not a lot of machine-made production, so if you see the one you like, you can start as soon as possible, because there is no way to buy it after the sale, it is impossible to have the second one. ~ (Even if the item size is the same, the wood texture is not the same), each one is unique ~ 3. The precision and appearance of the hand works are limited. Please understand the definition of the hand work first. Perfectionist friends, please take a look at it. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask for a letter or welcome to see the actual product and decide (I am in Kaohsiung City). 4. For the sake of environmental protection, the packaging method is mainly based on recycling cartons at hand. There is no special outer box for the United States and the United States. I am very concerned about packaging friends. Please forgive me! Thanks in advance for all your hand-made wood products, there are any questions and suggestions, and you are welcome to write.


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