Young Monstera Monstera-Indoor Planting

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Planting World Net Monstera Deliciosa Monstera Everyone would like to talk about Monstera that has not been opened yet. I ended up ordering a lot of pot monsters I also want to try to raise from a young turtle (the bowl knocks loudly) Is n’t it like we sa


Young Monstera Monstera-Indoor Planting

商品説明 __Planting World Net Monstera Deliciosa Monstera__ Everyone would like to talk about Monstera that has not been opened yet. I ended up ordering a lot of pot monsters I also want to try to raise from a young turtle (the bowl knocks loudly) Is n’t it like we said, you ’ll accidentally collect more pots? The plant size is 5 ~ 6 months, and there will be 3 ~ 4 young leaves Xiao Lianlang ’s little monstera leaves are in the shape of a heart. The leaves will only crack after gradually maturing ~~ The advantage of raising from a young age is that you can participate in the process of growing up It ’s actually quite fulfilling. I wish everyone to gradually move towards the urban jungle road (Crooked Building) Reminder: If you do n’t change the pot, you can temporarily raise it in the black square pot you received. Monstera has the function of purifying the air Has the characteristics of priority formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases It absorbs carbon dioxide at night, which helps to increase oxygen content (The amount of formaldehyde adsorbed by a pot of turtle is equal to that of 10g coconut carbon) __Make friends with Young Monstera Monstera!__ ◼︎ Features ◼︎ It is dimorphic. The leaves are heart-shaped when young, and the adult leaves have irregular pinnacles. I like warm and humid environment (but ventilation is very important!) It has the effect of purifying the air and adsorbing formaldehyde. ◼︎ Light ◼︎ Bright, stray light-half-sunlit environment. (Reminder! Accept the sun to grow faster. Direct sunlight or filtered light for 1-2 hours in summer, and full daylight in winter) ◼︎ Moisture◼︎ In summer, it grows vigorously. Water it once and water it regularly, so that the soil is moist but not stagnant. The soil must be watered as soon as it is dry and loose. Watering compartments need to be extended in winter. ◼︎ Fertilizing ◼︎ Apply thin fertilizer once a month (organic fertilizer can be buried in the soil) Content | 3.5-inch pot plant seedlings (as shown in Figure 1 above), exclusive individual planting card, planting packaging box (if the plant is too high to avoid injury to the leaves, it will not be covered) Dimensions | 3.5-inch pot, 5-6 months planting, plant height about 18-23 cm Overall size & condition | 9 cm x 9 cm x approximately 27-32cm (the size of the side dishes varies depending on the natural factors such as the weather) Each dish is cultivated for two months or even longer. Accepting everything from the earth, today's dishes | Remarks | ● The photos of the products are for illustration only, and the best-looking side dishes are planted according to the current stock situation. Because the plant itself is unique and cannot replicate individuals, even if the species are the same, it will not look exactly the same due to the growth process, seasonal changes such as temperature and sunlight! ● Vegetables adhere to the principle of non-toxic cultivation without spraying pesticides. Fertilizers are applied with organic fertilizers. Therefore, in certain seasons or in high humidity weather, the melting of organic media may attract small flying insects, but it will not affect plant health. And later. After receiving the small flying insect, please place the side dish in the ventilation and it will disappear. I hope everyone can understand these natural phenomena. [About us] I hope that with us, we can give everyone a new definition of the impression of planting. You can define it as the relief of healing and appreciation, You can also think of it as the value of fresh food, With a little care, you can often eat organic fresh side dishes that you grow, From the beginning of life to raise a pot of side dishes, appreciate the beauty of nature's creations, Maybe the side dishes produced may not be perfect, But also true_ full of hands and natural temperature, Seeing with different moods, feelings in your eyes and in your mouth, It will be different from the past.


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