Microparticle Type Pregnant Woman Pillow - Akiha Flower Garden - Cotton Blue Green | V*k Cheung Custom Subscript Area (HK)

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The breeze sweeps the leaves, lazy and does not want to move, with the touch of particles that I can't put it down, I feel good sleep. No bed, let your teammates accompany you to sleep


Microparticle Type Pregnant Woman Pillow - Akiha Flower Garden - Cotton Blue Green | V*k Cheung Custom Subscript Area (HK)


https://i.ibb.co/VwmTmNz/bigo-W1600px-01.jpg Let the mom who is in a difficult sleep in the late pregnancy go to sleep quickly. ➡ Ultra-fine particle pillow core, will change with the size of the stomach and sleeping habits, more perfect fit to each mom's body shape, so that Mommy's stomach is supported by relaxation, easy to fall asleep, sleep at night Product Features: ● Designed for pregnant women in different uses and spaces: #给妈咪-sleeping during pregnancy/stepping during pregnancy/baby breastfeeding #给北鼻-Encircling the sense of security / learning to sit on the safety mat / sleeping bed #给家庭-back/foot/seat cushion ● Non-integral molding, pillow core and pillowcase can be removed and washed without any washing troubles ● After-sales warranty and repair services ●Pillow core filling service Table cloth material: cotton / polyester fiber Size: peripheral length of about 170cm x circumference of about 45cm Remarks: Make sure the order is made for you. *In order to protect personal hygiene, pregnant women cannot be returned after they have been sold. / Origin. Manufacturing method / Taiwan MADE IN TAIWAN TAIWAN Wulovemama Design / Production How is the table cloth clean? 1. Wash the removed table cloth with hand washing and then dry in a cool place. (It is recommended to wash separately from other clothes to avoid dyeing. Do not throw it into the washing machine to clean it, so as not to damage the structure of the cloth itself) 2. Before attaching the pillow to the watch fabric, please concentrate the particles at both ends of the pillow to the middle of the pillow. 3. Put both ends of the cloth cloth into the two ends of the pillow core, which can be easily done. How is the pillow clean? 1. It is recommended that if there is any dirt, use a toothbrush with water or a damp cloth to clean it in a small area, then dry it in a cool place. 2. If the pillow core has a large dirt range, it needs to be cleaned. It can be washed with cold hand and then air-dried in a cool place. Before the table cloth is put into the pillow core, it is necessary to ensure that the pillow core particles are completely dry. (Do not throw it into the washing machine for cleaning or dehydration, so as not to damage the structure of the pillow itself)


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