Custom wool felt pet - lop ear rabbit pin (customized)

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Pricing is calculated in one. If you are customized, please contact the designer and the photo of the baby in the message will be valued. The photos should be as many angles as possible. I hope that there are front, back, and left and right sides. If there


Custom wool felt pet - lop ear rabbit pin (customized)


❈Introduction❈ Customize your baby at home Let you go wherever you are, with your baby's little avatar! Pricing in one calculation The style of the work is cute, and the requirements are high, please do not order! Please contact the designer before the order, the photo of the baby in the message. The photos should be as many angles as possible. I hope to have the front, back, and left and right sides. If there are special patterns, please also provide detailed photos. If the suit is more complicated, it will be charged. The work is semi-stereo, that is, the bottom is flat! ♪~♬~♫~♩~♪~♪~♬~♫~♩~♪~ The relevant information on the wool felt works is as follows❦ ❈ size ❈ About 8cm high Are the longest, widest, highest places of the measurement Precautions 1. Please discuss with the designer before placing the order. If the suit or posture is more complicated, it will be valued separately. 2. Please pass the pet photos when evaluating the discussion. You need photos of the front, side, back, and pet color. I hope that it will be shot in white light. Try to avoid the light being too bright or too dark, which will affect the interpretation of the pet's coat color. 3. After the production is completed, the work will be completed and confirmed by you. After the modification, it will be confirmed that there is no problem and then sent. Let us happily complete your pet's small avatar! ❈ Material ❈ New Zealand wool ❄Commodity packaging❄ There is only one earth, for the planet we live in. We only supply used bags (outer packaging) as well as simple small paper bags and packaging materials (inner packaging) for packaging. Let us love the earth together! ❈ designer ❈ Biscuits ❈Usage and maintenance methods❈ 1. If the surface of the wool felt is caused by friction, it can be trimmed directly with a small scissors. 2. If the wool felt is not carefully soiled, do not use warm and hot water to clean it. 3, if you want to clean the hand-made works, gently simmer and dry in cold water, not too much force, In order to avoid wool felt deformation. 4. If it is a hand-made work of planting hair, it is not suitable for hanging ornaments (because of hanging bags, It may cause hair loss during a collision. It is recommended to be placed indoors for decoration or collection. ❈ ❈ Wool from New Zealand, design and handmade - Taiwan ❈Notes❈ 1, the color of the computer screen will have color difference, please carefully evaluate and purchase. 2, each of the wool felt works are handmade, so it will inevitably be slightly different. If you mind, please do not buy. 3, after the receipt of the order to start production, depending on the difficulty and complexity of the wool felt works, The number of working days is also different, about 5 to 15 working days (excluding holidays). ♪~♬~♫~♩~♪~♪~♬~♫~♩~♪~ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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