Customized lucky fortune cookie for wedding gifts

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●12/5-12/28 only shipped with milk flavor, can be reserved for popular schedules to specify the delivery date ●Each flavor must be ordered at least 100 before shipment ●Provide wedding signature samples and layouts, and modify the content ●Please contact us for bulk purchases in the catering industry


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Customized lucky fortune cookie for wedding gifts


QUOTES Everyday Fortune Cookies is handmade and professionally made crispy pancakes. It eliminates the shortcomings of ordinary shops that are too thick, too hard and too sweet to be imported. Many consumers who have tasted fortune cookies from other businesses or foreign countries will respond to us that it is difficult to import. The made fortune cookies are better in taste and quality than the products sold by other merchants, so they are highly praised. Fortune cookies on the market are similar in appearance but very different in taste and flavor. QUOTES Fortune Cookies will be you The best corporate giveaway for gifts. [Fortune Cookie Value FORTUNE COOKIE VALUE] When you fold the fortune cookie with your hand, you will find a piece of paper. The text inside will bring you surprises, happiness, encouragement, confidence and positive energy, allowing you to create an environment suitable for luck. I I believe you will do it! [Introduction of Lucky Sign] The lucky sign will bring you blessings and reminders, encouraging you to create your own good luck The feature of the fortune cookie is to randomly draw an unknown lucky sign. The text given in it may be the reminder and encouragement you need right now. And this surprise and joy is created by Tiantian Fortune Cookie. Lucky signatures are all positive and encouraging content. Many consumers are very pleasantly surprised by the content of the signatures they have drawn and say "good accuracy"! ! **[Introduction to customized signature]** Every day fortune cookie allows you to express the most sincere affection to the most cherished person. Lucky signature can design signature content according to your creative ingenuity, create more surprises for others, and bring full happiness. ☆☆☆☆When ordering multiple copies and sending them to different objects, we can help mark each one out! So that you can recognize it after receiving it 1. The content of the signature can be put into emoticons and picture logos, using various languages or design signatures by yourself. 2. The signed text can be hand-painted and graffiti, or the physical signed text can be mailed to us and put into the cookies! 3. Designable puzzle signature 4. You can design as many signatures as you have in one copy, and there is no limit to the number of signatures! Hand-painted entity label ♥ Quantity: one entry ♥ Signed paper: printed with safe and qualified food-grade paper, no fluorescent agent, signed papers are randomly placed into biscuits, signed papers are randomly placed into biscuits, each category cannot be divided into bags, and the winning signs will be packed into one bag ♥ Fortune cookie size: about 8cm in diameter, not a small size cookie ♥ Signature paper: It is printed on safe and qualified food-grade paper, does not contain fluorescent agent, and the signature is randomly placed in biscuits ♥ Appreciation period: No preservatives are added. It is recommended to be consumed within one week. It can be stored for two weeks. There is no store sales. It is made only after order. There will be no problem of store sales and sales on the Internet. Fresh and delicious taste ♥ Production principle: handmade in Taiwan, it tastes crispier than other production methods, tastes natural, and the sugar content is halved [Delivery instructions, take more refunds and less compensation] Super-commercial pickup within 99 Within 100, 140 yuan for home delivery 100-301, 240 yuan for home delivery 302 or more-600 pieces need to be charged again ♥ Product liability insurance: Fubon Property Insurance 0525-17AML0001078 👰👨‍⚖️ Ordering area for tastings of various flavors [Fortune Cookie History] Fortune cookie (English: fortune cookie), also known as fortune cookie, fortune cookie, happiness cookie, fortune-telling cookie, etc., is an American-style Asian-style shortbread, usually made of flour, sugar, vanilla and cream, and filled with bread There are notes similar to proverbs or ambiguous prophecies, sometimes also printed with "lucky numbers" (such as used in lotteries, etc.), translated Chinese idioms, colloquialisms, etc. In the United States and Canada (other Western countries also have them), fortune cookies are a dessert in Chinese restaurants, but in fact, there is no custom of eating this kind of food in China and other East Asian areas where Chinese people live. The origin of fortune cookies is unknown, but many immigrant communities in California say that fortune cookies have been popular in the early 20th century. The recipe is based on traditional Japanese pancakes. -Quote from Wikipedia 【mission】 QUOTES Everyday Fortune Cookies are derived from the founder’s passion for life and unlimited dreams for the future. They are transformed into inspiring action plans. Fortune cookies are made with a positive heart, so that fortune cookies are enriched with more positive energy and practice cards. The first rule of internal fund science: Don’t criticize, blame, or complain. In the face of various challenges, QUOTES Every Day Fortune Cookie invites everyone to embrace the beauty of life and grasp every day of happiness. 【Service Introduction】 Every lucky fortune cookie can bring you good luck, customized signatures, diverse tastes, delicious and delicious, wedding small things, full moon gift, Valentine's Day gift, father's day gift, year-end tooth, mother's day gift, birthday Gifts, New Year’s congratulations, party games, corporate events and public relations marketing applications, provide exclusive plans to create more surprises and bring full happiness [Professional and fast production for corporate customers] We focus on the production and taste research and development of fortune cookies FORTUNE COOKIE, and quickly provide customers with exclusive fortune cookies. Whether it is birthday gifts, wedding gifts or corporate marketing activities, we can play the key to moving people and successfully create more brand value for customers And good consumer impression [Past customer service] Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Breguet Watches, Eslite Life, BMW Rongde, Taishin Bank, Taishin Art Foundation, DBS Bank, Aiwan Tiandi, Luxasia Taiwan. Taiwan Luya, NISSAN Yuxin Auto, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ambrose, Hong Kong DTS Digital Cinema System DTS, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Sports Management Association, KKBOX, Pacific Sogo Department Store... etc. Hundreds of corporate groups


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