Snap button / MARURU six-layer anti-kick vest summer lemon yellow / primary version S: 0-4 years old

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Japan's top six-layer yarn use / can buy gift box


Snap button / MARURU six-layer anti-kick vest summer lemon yellow / primary version S: 0-4 years old


I miss the sunshine and tranquility of the island of Bora Bora in Tahiti....... Therefore, we have brought you some Tahiti's "blue" to you! [Shoulder type] MARURU six-layer anti-kick vest summer lemon yellow [primary S] + Select Nagoya High-quality Multilayer Yarn in Japan, Top Gentle Touch Uses the highest specification yarn design, so it has a higher warmth and breathability. It takes longer to use throughout the year! A real six-layer yarn, you can see from the weight of each piece! + Double-sided double-color design (Front: Aqua blue, Inner: Goose yellow) The market uses more than one color yarn and the original color intertwined. MARURU exclusive double-sided double color design, plus the Japanese traditional "thorn thorn" elegant embroidery design. + Side buckle design: Reserve space for your back pockets. Even if your child grows up or adds clothes in winter, it will not be uncomfortable. The use of a cross buckle design makes it less easy to kick a child than a flat buckle. Therefore, it is not necessary to add a bottom buckle to the hem so as to prevent the child from feeling uncomfortable when the user turns over. + Made in Japan more press-buttons, easier to wear and remove / texture seams + Peace of mind. Non-toxic. Not sensitized Use high quality Japanese six-layer yarn. Yarn dyes have passed strict high standards in Japan and are safe and non-toxic. They will not cause skin allergies! + Fluffy air and then upgrade size: Newborn S (0~4 years old) : About 58cm long * 40cm wide Japanese Weaving - Taiwan Sewing Washing note: The fabric of the multi-layer yarn is slender. Please put it in the laundry bag at room temperature and slow speed to avoid yarn hooking. After washing, it is necessary to shave the whole shade, avoid direct sunlight (to keep it soft), and prohibit high-temperature drying. Japan's anti-kick is designed to be exposed (to allow the baby to cool), because it is a pure cotton product plus a special air weave method in Japan, there will be about 5% shrinkage after washing, please refer to "Washing Note" & "Japan" before buying. Multi-layer yarn characteristics" explain! Japanese multilayer yarn characteristics: The Japanese six-layer yarn consists of six layers of gauze fibers of different thicknesses. The characteristic of the six-layer yarn is that after multiple washes, the six-layer yarn of pure cotton will shrink slightly, creating a sense of air and being more fluffy and comfortable. This is a unique weaving technique unique to Japan. Choose the highest quality multilayer yarn in Nagoya, Japan, with a unique soft edge to give your baby the softest touch. Because it is the product used by the baby, our yarn is not bleached, so it will be natural to have natural cotton and black cotton shell (removed after cleaning). Our hard work, I hope Mummy can agree. Origin / manufacturing methods Japanese Weaving - Taiwan Sewing


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