Plant dyed cashmere cashmere scarf - shimmering clouds

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Feel comfortable and light cashmere scarf. Light and thin, it can be fluffy around the neck, but it won't feel heavy. When you spend too much air in the office with you With you when you feel that your neck is cold and cold outside In short, it is to a


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Plant dyed cashmere cashmere scarf - shimmering clouds


__**| Size |**__ 90*200cm __**|Material |**__ 85% wool + 15% Cashmere cashmere __**| Dyed material |**__ Purple root __**| How to use and maintain |**__ - When using cleaning, please use a mild neutral detergent (soap or shampoo) to dissolve in the water and wash it by hand to avoid excessive cleaning and tearing the washing machine (crystal soap can not be licked!) - Plant staining will inevitably skip some color with each wash, which is normal - Plant hand-dyed products may have a slight color difference due to the color of the dye and the screen. Please take the actual object as the pick-up. - Do not recommend frequent cleaning and do not expose to the sun - It is recommended to put in the bag of the attached bag when not in use, to avoid partial fading due to long-term illumination of the area after folding. __**|Packaging |**__ Available in general packaging and gift box packaging (Each package will be accompanied by a special cloth anti-hook bag for daily storage.) You can also purchase $520 plus__scarf buckle gift box__packaging (original price $620) The scarf buckle style is available at . Please indicate in the remarks. (No description will be provided by the designer to help you) The bouquet gift box is made of seasonal flowers and is matched with an eternal flower (carnation, rose and other main flowers). The seasonal flowers are mostly collected and dried by the wood-wood research room, so there is a chance to see the roadside wildflowers different from the flower shop! - When you send the package, you will first pack it with the bubble cloth. The outermost box will be packed in the old box. If you need to use the cushioning material, the environmental protection will give priority to the recycled materials (newspaper, cardboard, etc.). If there is any other demand, welcome message. . __**| Buy References and Features |**__ - This wool style is very light and comfortable, and it won't be itchy. - It is too thin, so it is not suitable for use as a shawl. - There are very beautiful gemstones, which are very powerful craftsmanship - 300 high-grade craftsmanship, very light and thin, but very skin-friendly. - A touch of purple, very elegant. Also very good match. - Purple root dyeing will have the taste of comfrey (similar to the taste of purple cloud cream), which will gradually fade away after washing several times. __**|Notes |**__ - Plant dyed fabrics are hand-dyed by plants as dye materials, and it is inevitable that there will be unevenness in large-area dyeing. Even some very fine plant residues can cause stains by staying on the fabric. We will try our best to avoid uncertain factors in the process of dyeing, and these small patches may disappear naturally after a long time. But this is also one of the characteristics of plant dyeing. ✈ Hong Kong and Macau friends please pay attention to ✈ At present, it is the courier express. Recently, it has been found that there is a high probability that it will not be sent directly to the personal address you filled in. It will be sent directly to the pick-up office and you need to pick up the goods yourself. Please make sure that the address of the pick-up office is convenient for you before ordering! (Because of the type of item, the studio can only cooperate with the company, please forgive me) ➜ Hong Kong Pick-up Office Address: G/F, 7 Shek Pik Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon. ➜Macau Pick-up Office Address: Shop 063, G/F, Kang Tai House, 34 Knights Road, Black Sands, Macau ➜Opening hours: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / hand dyed


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