MOLESKINE Classic Hard Shell Notebook-M Type-Horizontal Black-Hot Stamping Service

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Classic Notebook Classic Hard Shell Notebook M Type-Horizontal Black


MOLESKINE Classic Hard Shell Notebook-M Type-Horizontal Black-Hot Stamping Service


Classic Notebook Classic Hard Shell Notebook M Type-Horizontal Black **"A Hundred Years Enduring Legendary Notebook"** Sturdy and smooth waterproof and oily cover, thoughtful rounded corner design, elastic drawstring, high-preservation acid-free paper, solid paper binding, and expandable inner pocket... This is the popular early twenties The legendary Moleskine notebook loved by European artists and intellectuals of the century. A small French binding workshop born in the 19th century. The drawings, ideas, stories and other creations of great giants such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway, Matisse, etc., are all recorded in this simple, lightweight and preserveable black Moleskine notebook in. Today's Moleskine has expanded from original notebooks to writing tools, reading accessories, backpacks, and digital note-taking supplies, gradually integrating into users and creating individual unique elements. Moleskine's century-old cultural essence and contemporary nomadic spirit allow you to use your imagination, unique creativity, and continue to pass on your story through Moleskine. **"MOLESKINE Features"** **What is a classic?** -Use FSC certified acid-free paper Acid-free paper does not contain active acids and is a neutral or weak alkaline paper. The plant fibers of the paper are specially treated to prevent problems such as discoloration, embrittlement or mold. Under normal use or proper storage conditions, the service life can be as long as 200 years. At present, the manuscripts of great artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso in Moleskine's notebook are kept in the museum as they were before. -Hard shell oily cover High-quality hard-shell oily cover, high waterproof and wear-resistant protection -Rounded corner design Intimate rounded corner design, does not hurt the paper or hands -Classic drawstring The representative classic lashing rope prevents the inner pages from spreading and is not afraid of squeezing -Inside pocket There is an expandable pocket inside the back cover, which can store small papers such as movie tickets and receipts to avoid loss -180 degree flat The notebook can be fully opened 180 degrees, making writing more comfortable -Exquisite binding The cover material of the hard shell notebook is connected to the gray cardboard, and the soft leather notebook is directly connected to the end page. The inner pages are tightly bound. -Pick up the "ben" The inside of each book says gently: "If you just picked up this notebook, please return it to ______(fill in the contact information), and you will receive a $______ bonus as a thank you." The pain and dissatisfaction of losing a notebook can only be deeply experienced by the notebook controller! -Exclusive quality certification number In the inner pocket of each Moleskine, there is an exclusive quality certification number with a square sticker, which can track the production process of each notebook to confirm the quality. <Product specifications> Size: M/ 11.5 X 18 cm Material: paper Number of pages: M/ 208 pages Paper weight: 70 gsm made in China **Pinkoi exclusive customized hot stamping service***For how to apply, please read the following hot stamping instructions A-E models, please provide the bronzing pattern number and text in the remarks column of the shopping cart *If you purchase a single copy, fill in the remarks field directly, for example: Pattern: B, Text: Good Times *If you purchase multiple copies, for example: Classic Hard Shell Notebook-M Type-Checkered Black / Pattern: C, Text: Happy Life Classic Royal Blue Hard Shell Notebook-L-Checkered / Pattern: D, Text: Happy *Can bronzing products Acceptable cover material is hard shell or soft leather, size: pocket type / M type / L type / XL type Limited edition and special material covers are not available *Foil stamping specifications Each product can only accept**"a pattern"**plus**"a row of text"** *Bonding word limit Pocket type / M type: 12 English letters or 5 Chinese characters Type L/Type XL: 14 English letters or 7 Chinese characters -Chinese and English cannot be mixed, the number of words contains blanks and symbols, please specify the English capitalization yourself -The English font uses SignPainter-HouseScript, and the Chinese font uses Standard Kai. The specified font is not accepted -Special characters that cannot be input by keyboard or Zhuyin input method will not be accepted -The printing position is unified at the center of the cover directly below, and no designated positions are accepted (please see the hot stamping diagram) -If it is not during the event period, the hot stamping service will cost $250 per book *Instructions for bronzing service -This hot stamping service will not be delivered within the specified time due to the scheduling time required. It takes about 7-12 working days -Hot stamping service orders are personal customized products, so returns cannot be provided (please note before placing orders) -If you choose "Pinkoi Exclusive Customized Hot Stamping Service", but you do not fill in the customized content in the order remarks field, or you do not actively contact Moleskine to inform the customized requirements within 48 hours after the order is completed. If the orderer cannot be contacted, it will be handed over to the Pinkoi site to assist in the refund *Foil stamping diagram


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