Leather Glasses Necklace-For Thin Frame / Free Print

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Sunglasses, blue-ray glasses and reading glasses are not always found when I use them? With this leather eyewear neck strap, your glasses are like jewelry ~ Easy and convenient to hang on the chest, no longer have to worry about finding it 👏 The simple kno


Leather Glasses Necklace-For Thin Frame / Free Print


The brand concept of Slow Music is to provide personalized design and customization services to meet each of our unique consumers. Our products are hand-made, pattern-making and sewing time-consuming and labor-intensive. One process is to make products accompany customers for a longer time. Friendly environment materials, practical design, solid handwork and free maintenance once a year, is to make you happy to buy, rest assured! ▪️Features: Sunglasses, Blu-ray Glasses and Reading Glasses With this leather eyewear neck strap, your glasses are like jewelry ~ Easy and convenient to hang on the chest, no longer have to worry about finding it 👏 The simple knot shape is versatile for your daily wear, even if you do n’t hang it Glasses can also be used as necklace decoration👍 🔸Applicable size: * It is recommended that the frame width is less than 6mm. Frames larger than 6mm also provide lanyards for thick-frame glasses! ▪️Material ingredients: vegetable tanned cowhide, 3x2mm cowhide rope, bronze hardware. ▪️Custom content (Please remember to fill the custom requirements into the remarks column when placing an order): 1. Lanyard can be customized within 100 cm. Glasses are usually worn on the chest. The recommended circumference is 165 cm and 72 cm, the recommended range is 165 cm and 76 cm, and the recommended range is 175 and 82 cm. If not specified, Produced with a standard circumference of 76 cm. 2. Free printing in English, so the leather piece is shorter. "The number of words on one side is limited to 6 letters." The total number of words is limited to 12 words. It is more than 20 yuan per word. It can be divided into upper and lower cases but the font or size cannot be changed. . Note ⚠️ Therefore, it is a custom product, unless there are major flaws (for example, the size does not match the original order, you can request to redo), other conditions are not accepted for return! Please confirm the size and position with the designer before customizing to avoid regrets. Note: 1. Suede is not waterproof and stain-proof. Please use it carefully and avoid contact with hard objects. If the dirt is cleaned gently with a neutral detergent, do not soak it to prevent the metal surface from corroding and rusting. Please hang it in a cool place after drying Let it dry. 2. For products purchased at Slow Music, we provide a one-year warranty and life-long maintenance service on the premise of normal use. The cost of the service will be charged according to individual conditions; to ensure that our products can be identified during maintenance, before shipment The logo will be printed. If there is no special requirement, the print position will be invisible on the inside. 3. For the purchase of custom / custom-sized products, the library only sells products, not the paper version, and reserves the right to use it as a mass production public version in the future. # 眼 挂 挂绳 # 孙 眼 # 眼 眼 #Eyeglasses


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