[handmade custom] custom pet ashes pupil color rain pendant

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The ashes of the boy are preserved in wood and resin, polished by hand and exquisitely coloured. Different styles of woo



alivewood ショップへ

[handmade custom] custom pet ashes pupil color rain pendant


[Custom Pet Ashes Pupil Drops Pendant Pendant] Keep the hair ashes in wood and resin, hand-polished and exquisitely toned, matching different styles of wood to interpret similar hair color, and let the resin behave like a child with clear and flawless eyes. Color, the interior of the landscape symbolizes the sight and beauty of Mao in the eyes of the world.

* The content includes a work into the handmade wooden nest wooden box, maintenance of beeswax
* The pendant itself is about 2.5 cm high, the bottom half of the drop is about 2 cm in diameter
* The chain is made of stainless steel with a total length of about 50 cm

*This is a customized work. Please read the following ordering steps:
A. Please select the type of wood you want, as shown in Figure 5. There are 8 woods from A to H. (According to the picture, the wood is solid wood color, not artificial dyeing)
B. Confirm Order Ordering
C. Upload to designer 3-4 photos that can clearly see Mao Tong's pupil color
D. After confirming the order, the designer will provide the address of the studio. Please send the ashes to the studio at your own expense within 7 days. Please notify the designer and provide the shipping order number for tracking.
E. Packing instructions for ashes: Please take the finest part of the baby's ashes and roll it to make the ashes like flour. The required amount of baby ashes is about 1 yuan coin size, and please seal it with a clip chain bag. (*When the ashes are not used, they will be returned with the work)
F. We will notify you immediately after receiving the parcel. The pickup will be sent out within 20 working days after the pickup.

*For countries other than Taiwan, please send it by "international mail". Contents please indicate the activity letter. Due to the risk of being returned to the international shipment of ashes, please consider the risk and place an order. If you are returned, cancel the order and accept pinkki's official refund mechanism.
*The ashes of the urn works with a few white spots or ashes on the surface of the resin.
* If you have any questions, please write to us and ask us.

Animal husbandry wood alive wood,
Keep your own wood.

After looking up in the forest for decades or even centuries, he only looked forward to waiting for someone's true favorite.

If you like the texture of wood, try to bring a piece back and feed it with beeswax. It will reward you with the warmest luster, and the time will stop at that little place through the gleaming resin.

The wood products of the animal husbandry are only coated with natural homemade beeswax, and the beeswax that penetrates into the wood brings out the original moist texture of the wood grain. With continuous feeding, the color of wood will sink more beautifully.

Element: wood, resin, real material in nature
With a love of wood quenching chain piece unique work.


Remarks (Please read in full)
* Each piece is 100% hand-crafted. The details of the series are not exactly the same. Keep the temperature of the hand. Wood/flowers/plants are natural materials and their surface or details are all original textures. Natural uncontrollable properties and resin mobility make each piece impossible to copy and unique. Please be careful when pursuing "all the same".

Thank you for your support favorite!

* Work maintenance note:
● Store the items in a wooden box or cloth to protect the surface of the resin.
● For the luster of wood, we do not paint any lacquer products, smear only with homemade beeswax, remove the work by bathing or touching water.
● The surface of the wood should be smeared with beeswax. Once it is about the size of rice, wipe it evenly with a cotton cloth. The resin surface is wiped clean with a clean cotton cloth. It is recommended to take one or two weeks of care or maintenance before and after each wear.
● Store your work in a cool place. Avoid moisture or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Handmade in Taiwan


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